Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Wishes From The Heart~~~ And A Happy Birthday Too "

First Thing to show and tell everyone~~~
Its my oldest sons BIRTHDAY~~
Its on the 16th of September,,
my baby boy will is 31 !!!
Wow it just seems like last night that I was getting up to feed and burp him ;0)
Now he is all grown up by the Grace of God and working to be in management at Hardees in Nebraska..
Kent and I are sooooo proud of you son ,,more than words can ever say...
Your Father and Grandpa are too,,I'm sure!!!
Here is Pete way back ~~~

Pete and Jenny~~~ he was 2 1/2 years old and,, she was close to 1 yr..
He is now 31 and she is 28....No wonder I'm showing my age ;0)
Plus,, lets not forget our 3 wonderful boys that we're still trying to raise up the right way that are here at home... See,, that is why I'm aging sooooo fast ;0)
I LOVE YOU #1 Son~~~Happy Birthday with LOVE and Hugs~~~ Mommy!!!

Joining in with the fun of Rednesday with Sue
Thanks for hosting Sweetie

Cherry World 1

"Queen Greta The Fabulous Sno~Lady"

Above is a Sno~Lady that was created for a very Special Friend that God has blessed me in knowing through emails..
She has grown very dear to my heart..We were not aware that God would bring us together as friends when she wrote requesting some ( lots :0) of our greeting cards.

Shes a very encouraging woman that lives out west, a wonderful woman of God that is always inspiring and is sooo thoughtful in sending me neat "God Notes" I will call them,, to my email even in her busy days being the worship leader at her church..
Giving her all to our Sweet Lord and many others there I'm sure.
We have never meant as yet,,but I soooo am enjoying being blessed
by God with her friendship.. I truly enjoy reading her memories she shares about her late husband and all of her family...Love you Greta and all your notes..

She was kind enough to let me share this email from her with all of You,, my Sweet Girlfriends~~~Sisters in Christ.. Just yesterday I had told her I was a bit down in one of my emails I'd sent,, and that I wasn't sure why..So she surprised me last night about 9:30 Iowa time with,, these beautiful images and words from
a short,,but moving story...
Its a good easy read and I asked her if I could share it and the Sno~Queen with you.
Just as with her and I~~~ this goes for all of you too~~~
We may never meet here on this earth but one day we will meet in Heaven with
Our Sweet Jesus in the midst of us

And here it is just below these THANK YOUs meant With all My Heart

Love You and Thanks go to~~~ Patti @ PJs Prayerline and Jacki @ Christie's Cottage,,, and Lisa Shaw @ Sharing Life with Lisa,,and Mary @ A Splendid Adventure,,
Debby @ Just Breathe,, and Barbie @ My Freshly Brewed Life and,, Debbie @ From Debbies Heart,, Marice @ Life Can't Wait,, Tammi @ A Vessel in The Potter's Hand,,
Mimi @ He & Me + 3,, Karen @ Hallelujah Anyhow,,Sue@Sue Loves Cherries,, Tiffany @ Tea With Tiffany and
Sherry @ Country Wings in Phoenix...OMGosh there is also Debbie @ Heart Choices..
You are all such inspirations to soooo many..
There are just sooooo many Awesome Women of God that He just Amazes me just how He brings these Sisters in Christ into our lives... WOW,,, I'm forever Praising Him!!!

May God's blessings be all over you and yours~~~Hugs Dena


  1. These are beautiful notes! I saw me up there! Thank you!


  2. Beautiful images and words, and very inspiring! And I love Queen Greta too!
    Happy REDnesday!

  3. What a blessing this was...thank you.

  4. I am so happy I stopped by your blog today! What an Inspiration.

  5. That is beautiful, thank you for sharing it.
    Happy Birthday to your son. My son was 31 this year too! Time goes by so quickly. Okay I claim that snowman "Queen Debby" I would love to maybe put on my blog this winter with a link to you. It's adorable, it's all me!

  6. Dena-
    You have such a beautiful and inspirational blog! My Grandmother told me about your blog, and has shared with me what a wonderful person you are, and the delight she has e-mailing you ;)
    Your cards are a true reflection of your talent and love for God!
    Queen Greta's Grandaughter, Lauren

  7. &quot;Greta, Queen of all&quot;.September 15, 2010 at 5:10 PM

    I can't believe how lovely I am Dena. You are too kind. Love my beautiful jewels, etc. Jim would have loved it all.(my husband)He was the one who called me 'Queen Greta' for 51yrs. May God continue to bless you and your talent, also Kent.
    Thank-you so much. QG

  8. &quot;Greta, Queen of all&quot;.September 15, 2010 at 5:23 PM

    Sorry Debby, there can only be one "Queen of all". I certainly must share Dena's talents with whoever she wants, but just remember I am THE Queen. Just teasing, Dena can do anything, she is wonderful. I'd be flattered, too. Bet my jewels are bigger than yours though!!! QG

  9. Loved the wealth, success, and love story :) Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog :)

  10. Hi Dena! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. All of your blos are so inspirational. Know that we know where we are in Blogland..let's not be strangers. I'm a follower now and the next time you visit you'll find yourself on my bloglist:)

  11. Hi Dena,
    I hope your son had a wonderful birthday!
    Hope you are doing well!
    The Tattered Tassel

  12. Okay, Ms. Dena, this has to be one of your best posts yet! How encouraging and uplifting it is to read such wonderful words. I've always loved that story of Love, Wealth, and Success. It never loses its power.

    I've finally regained the internet at my home. I've had some problems, but it looks as though God is fixing things for me. Hallelujah!

    Love you much, my friend and have a great weekend.


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