Monday, September 6, 2010

Reminded of Some Blessings

This is Kent and I taken a year or so ago. It was his first time to step onto a beach and feel the sand in his toes and to be able to smell the salty sea air and to truly witness the Majesty of God's Amazing Ocean.. We were at a beach in So. Cal where I am from and Kent was so stunned by the size and sounds of the Ocean.. In fact it was so stunning to him he was afraid.. He had never seen anything like it he'd said... It truly is just some of Gods majesty.. And it was such a GREAT experience to watch Kents face ,,he told me that the sight of all the water was almost overwhelming to him...
The reason I post this is to share that just today we were reminded of just how,,when you close your eyes,,((or I suppose you can even hear it if you leave your eyes open too)),, and the breeze through the trees sounds just like the waves as they come in to touch the sand.. It is really quite astounding..

So much so that when it is actually windy gusts,,, as it goes swiftly rustling through the trees can even sound like larger waves coming in..
Kent and I just think it is yet another of God's miracles and we don't even have to be at the Ocean to hear it.. And thta another blessing in itself,,as we are not able to get back home very often to walk on the beach of course.
You too can hear it the next time you may have a quite moment out relaxing with trees near you.. I can even hear it through the windows..

Its a Joy and a Blessing from Our God most high,,, and I wanted to share in it with all of you,,, my Sweet Friends...
You are all Blessings to me and I thank you with all my heart...


  1. Yes, the wind thru the trees.

    Yesterday as I sat up the road at my neighbors, we were talking about the ines trees they have. Her husband told her she would be able to hear the wind whisper thru them. She said so we call them the whispering pines.

    I laughed because she did not really think they whispered. I told her to come sit on my fron porch on a windy day and she could hear them whisper from the woods around my house.

    The sounds in the winter as the wind whispers thru is haunting in a beautiful way!

    Have a blessed day!


  2. I have heard it. I will listen more carefully today.

  3. i love that sounds too :) great and inspirational post as always sissy! love your first photo :)

  4. That is so beautiful. Sometimes we take for granted things that we see each day. I am always in awe of the mountains yet my children take them for granted because they have always been in their lives since they were young. I was 38 when we moved here. When you close your eyes the traffic can sounds like a rushing waterfall. I notice that when we are in Mammoth each summer.

  5. The ocean is my favorite, favorite place in all the world...if only I could get there. Maybe one day.
    I loved your post, Dena.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week.
    The Tattered Tassel

  6. Hey Gal! thank you for stopping by my blog. Seeing your pictures just places me in awe of God's majesty. I do not understand how ANYONE can be alive, feel and hear the wind in the trees, feel the ocean's moisture and the cool breeze coming off of it, and still wonder if there truly is a God, or say they don't believe there is one. That thought is just unfathomable to me. Beautiful pictures and thoughts.

    Dena, I hope this doesn't upset you in any way because of what I am fixing to say. I am commenting on this post instead of Saturday's because while I like your "pink Saturday card" I couldn't bear to watch the u-tube video. I started to but seeing the tragedy strike all over again for me is not "healing". It just upsets me like it happened yesterday. While I too remember all of the lives involved in that horrible travesty, I pray and travail for their healing as well as those of us who were not directly involved or had loved ones involved. I hope that doesn't make me sound like a horrible person. Our country needs to heal and seeing videos like this one for some, (probably more than not) may be healing, but for me it stirs up anxiety, strife and disdain agaaist the people who did this to us, yet God says to "love our enemies", bless those who curse you.... and I cannot do that if I keep seeing the images of what was done that day. Again, I send my love and my prayers out to those who were directly or indirectly involved in that atrocity of a day, and I pray for their healing.

    God Bless.


  7. Hey Gal! It's me again! I wanted to tell you I promise I did proof-read my comment and thought I fixed the word "against". Agaaist is not the "new" spelling for it.

    Love ya !


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