Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Blue Monday Sharing With My Sweet Friends"

Hello Sally and Everyone,,have a Blessed Day !!!

HaPpY BLUE Monday Girlfriends~~~ Not sure what to post,, there have not been very many notes left for me lately so I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong in the pictures or things I say.. Anyhoo's~~~ On with the BLUE show and tell ;0)
I'll be sharing our ppumpkin pics this week to celebrate my BIRTHDAY with all of you so please do come back and help me celebrate the # 53 with me and our pumpkin patch..
Its the 1st one Super~Hubb's has had God's blessings on and I believe it will be coming up to our sliding doors before it is finished!!!????
I was hoping to also show some pics of my Daddy as well...He use to bake me a BD cake every year,, even if I was doing my diet thing.. The last one he made for me was Strawberry in 1983...I sooooo miss him everyday..And thats just as it should be.

This is from one of our summer business trips,,, see the blue sky...First order of our business trip~~~~

Here you see,, Super~Hubb's cleaning off the windshield for me,, because I do have a habit of just grabbing the camera ans snapping what ever I see thats BLUE or not ;0)

He insists on cleaning them as some of the pics I have taken are through NOT clean windows ..... He's so good to me :0)

Driving Along~~~

Lately I have been trying to take more snaps of barns,,,hopefully I'll get better ;0)

And,, WOW,, is it,, it is,,a Gorgeous~Glorious~Graceful Willow Tree,, one of our favotites for sure.. But,, for this picture Super~Hubb's actually stopped on the side of the road for me to take it.. God blessed this pic for me in that after loading the images onto my puter,, I noticed there was BLUE skies in many of these photos.. Wooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo
Thank You LORD !!!

Saying LOVE You and HAPPY BLUE MONDAY To all my Sweet Girlfriends~~~ Sisters in Christ,, from our minivan "JOY"s Lil viser mirror

"May You Know HIS Love as you trust in Him Throughout Your Week"


  1. lovely scenery sissy :) you got a wonderful husband! :) hope you are enjoying the week! :)


    oh btw, dont worry much on the comments. sometimes we got lots sometimes we dont! you are doing great in blogging!

  2. Nice view. and looks like a happy trip coz your hubs was smiling cleaning the front mirror. Nice shots

  3. Blue sky and a clean windshield make for a beautiful road trip!

  4. Wonderful photos. That willow tree is indeed gorfeous.

    My Blue Monday.

  5. Love the pic of the willow tree... one of my favorites. And I'd like to see some more barns from your road trips. Any with painted quilt blocks on them perhaps? Have a great day.

  6. Hi Dena! sorry I haven't been to visit for a while. I have been enjoying precious time with my kids on their school holidays. They have gone back to school today so it is back to blogging for me!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  7. hi,
    following you from blue monday. cheers!

  8. Those blue skies are gorgeous, and your husband is a keeper.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena!

  9. Great photos Dena! Happy birthday!

  10. Oh I have something for your birthday pop up at my blog and see my appreciation for you!

  11. Happy early Birthday Dena, I love comments too and a lot of people just pop in and out. You have a lovely blog and just enjoy it for yourself. I could only handle one blog myself, can't think of much to say. That's why I love Blue Monday's. Don and I took a drive for pictures yesterday too.

  12. Lovely blues. And that willow tree stand out so proudly in the middle of the field. Great shot!
    Fishes & Bird

  13. Hi sweetie,

    I've been visiting but it's hard to keep up with the comments. I got so behind during my move but am finally catching up! I always love your photos! Hope you're having a great day! Oh and it's your birthday week! How fun!

  14. Lots of comments today - hooray! Love all the blue sky photos and I love barns too! Hope you have a great week dear friend.

  15. love the blue sky images...
    how cool to look at them.

  16. The picture of the road makes me want to travel. :-) What beautiful blue skies!


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