Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5th and Red Day It Is~~~Happily Sharing With You In All The Fun Too!!!

Cherry World 1

A Amazing Autumn Day to join in with Sue @ Sue Loves Cherries Blog to Celebrate the Gorgeous color "RED"... Do stop by and visit her and have some fun!!!

While Super~Hubb's does the finishing up for our card deliveries here in the office he has let me and our Lil Sissi take a few moments to say~~~
"Hello" to all my Sweet Girlfriends and to enjoy this Red event,, after all I did (( with God's help of course)) designs 2 new creations today and a few more the past couple of days too,, so its OK for me to relax and do some much needed rambling,, don't you agree ;0)

I may even show one of them in this post but,, please know that it will ONLY be because it has RED in it,, otherwise Girlfriends,, I'm here to simply share with each one of you and prayerfully make some wonderful Friendships along the way...

Now the trouble could be in the fact that there is some difficulty in what around the house is Red enough for sharing along with one of the designs...
Sooooo,, to begin I'd like to say ~~~

Yes,, I was googling for this event,, is that OK??? Its a good thing my google account is set on strict,, theres lots of JUNK out there...Thought this photo was a keeper though...

Oh my goodness,, just found this 1 of Billy our 12 yr. old driving the RED bumper car,, his favorite at the time,, in this pic he was 6yrs. and we were at Worlds of Fun in MO. for a vacation.. it was Pre Disneyland days for the boys and Kent.
Now we just save up (( years worth ;0)) for the next Disneyland vacation....
Billy was so small.. Wish I had some of the pic's I took of him scanned in from his newborn days as a Pre-mee at UNMC..
Someday maybe they will be scanned so I'll be able to.

Here is Oshi Owl,, she was done for a more whimsical Thinking of You card with Autumn colors.. Well, hopefully they work as Autumn colors that is..
Kent and I do a few designs each area with the Towns name on the front so this 1 would read something like~~~ From Iowa City With This Message For You~~~ on the front of the card...This just helps make us different than our competitors :0)
That's our prayer anyway.. To set us apart from the others..

This is to you for your many kindness'es and comments and for those of you who wished me a Happy Birthday on the 4th too.
You are alll sooooooooo very very special to me and I keep you in my heart even as we run our business trips...

As you seek Christ may you know Heavens Sweet Blessings in your each and everyday
Amen ~~~Hugs Dena


  1. Love all your reds, still catching up on Blue Monday. What a beautiful world we have been given. Loved Billy in the red bumper cars. They are so much fun. Your art cards were perfect examples of red too. Have a great day.

  2. I love the owl card-the colors are great. He's a cutie!

  3. Ii enjoyed all the various reds you shared for today.

  4. Sissi looks comfy! Love the new owl design.
    I know that I have a ton of pictures I would love to scan to my computer. Hope your having a wonderful week.

  5. Oh Dena, you know how I just love Sissi!! She looks exhausted from all of her card designing!!
    I think Oshi Owl is the perfect fall card. You've done a great job.:o)
    Hope your doing well~
    The Tattered Tassel


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