Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello All~~~HaPpY PINK Saturday To You

Hello Sweet Friends,,I'm joining Bev at her wonderful blog "How Sweet The Sound"
Stop by her beautiful blog and join in the fun with her!!!

Hope this one counts for PINK :0)

This was taken last summer at Disneyland prior to the super fireworks display they have each night... I know,, I know,, its not a very good image but,, you just had to be there to see the PINK prettiness of it... :0)

Monopoly Money,, and Kent was winning it all during the games here last winter.
We have game nights every so often.. Turns out Super~Hubb's beats us most everytime too :0( maybe the game is rigged??????????
We play it,, UNO or the game of Life ...

This is a bit more of The Master's Awesome works~~~that means its uniquely~~~
Brought to you by God

So Sweet Friends,, there's my bit of PINK for this Saturday... Sometimes I wish PINK could be Orange.. I have MANY neat things in Autumn colors with Orange...
Ooops maybe that was a bad word for PINK Saturday ;0(

Blessings from God above and lots of my LOVE~~~ Hugs Dena


  1. I just love Pink Saturday but didn't participate this morning because we have a lot to do and I really want to visit everyone. I'm glad I Follow you or I might have missed that beautiful castle and sunrise/sunset?

    I prefer my money green but pink is great for today. Have a great one.

  2. There is nothing like a beautiful pink sky...truly majestic and awesome! I have posted 2 Pink Saturday Posts this weekend! One on my 5 Minutes blog and one on my Christmas blog. I would love it if you could stop by for a visit.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Best wishes,

  3. There was a blog friend of mine who did orange days. She isn't blogging anymore because the adoption agency asked her to stop. I think the castle looks pink. Have a great weekend.

  4. It just shows that there is pink all around us...Christine

  5. Love your pinks! Monopoly is my favorite game! I've only been beaten once in my life! Seriously!! Love, love, love it!!
    Happy PS!

  6. I'm gonna have to say that the master's work is definitely the best. So beautiful.
    I have been busy and MIA a bit.
    Thanks for checking on me.


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