Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hey Hey Hey~~~It's Another BLUE Monday!!!


Mine was a Barbie lunch box,,that is if memory serves me correctly ;0)

Greetings Sweet Friends~~~~Click on over to visit Sally at Smiling Sally for another~~~ Super BLUE Monday join in the FUN~~And Sweet Sally you are surely in my prayers OK~~~

Hello Sweet Friends.. I had a bright idea for today's BLUE with Sally and all of you~~~BLUE CareBears!!! They all remind me of my Lil Girl Jenny
((daughter who is 28)),,who still likes her stuffed toys.. They usually go to Cassie her 4 year old though now :0)

So away we go ~~~

Bed Time Bear~~~This is just like the one we had for Jenny when she was about 4...

Here is a newer version of the same bear,,looks quite a bit different to me,,but I'm 53 now... Could my vision have changed that much???? Hahahaha
It seems to me they are even cheaper now too..
Kind a like the Cabbage Patch Doll crazzzzzzzzzzzz back in the 80's.. Do any of you remember that or were they only hard to get back here in the Midwest???

Ooooop,, sorry for getting off subject there. ;0)

Grumpy Bear~~~She had one of these also for her Moody Days.. We even bought one for my Daddy back then... He sure got a kick out of it.. I think it was just purchased for him the yr before he died.
Oooops off subject again ;0)

This is a real bright BLUE photo~~~But the CUTEST One of all is below~~~

Found this Lil BLUE CareBear on google while hunting ,, now isn't he the cutest I ask??? At least I think theres a baby boy in this BLUE CareBear outfit :0)

And it wouldn't be me if I left all of you without the best BLUE ever..
Its always in God's Majestic BLUE Skies~~~Gorgeous isn't it~~~Taken during one of our BT's

"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths".

Love and Big CareBear kinda HUGSssssssssss~~~Dena


  1. I love Beanie Bears and have several. Never did have these cute ones tho.

  2. Happy Blue Monday!

    The Care Bears are cute, but God's sunset is really awesome!


    Sheila :-)

  3. I have a few care bears but no blue one.. I have saved several books to read the grandkids

    Happy blue Monday

  4. I had my sons before the Care Bear time but really thought they were cute. The best blue is your sunset/sunrise. I can never tell in a love Blue Monday's.

  5. Care Bears! :-)

    God's art is always the best! It's where our inspiration comes from!

    Have a blessed day!

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    Need views? Do you tweet? Come join in!


  6. Those bears have gained some weight during the years--just like me!

    I love it when God paints a picture just for me.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena!

  7. Adorable! i love the blue bear

  8. Cute little Care Bears, great idea for your Blue Monday. I remember my sister chasing all over for Cabbage Patch kids for her girls. They were more available when my daughter was at the age for wanting one. She had several, we still have the birth certificates.

  9. Love your post Dena...a bit of man-made cute and gorgeous art of our Maker!

    Happy Blue MOnday!

  10. How sweet! My kids had Care Bears too. Fun memory. Happy Blue Monday.


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