Friday, October 15, 2010

"Feeling In The PINK of It With You And Purses"

Do stop by Beverly and have some fun and make some friends @ How Sweet The Sound
for this weeks Beautiful PINK Saturday!!!

Now Sweet Girlfriends I was in the mood to go on a PINK Purse hunt for this PINK Saturday ,, its a bit weird for me to do this as I gave up carrying a purse for the last 5 years.. I LOVE purses too Girlfriends.. The fact that I gave them up is simply due to my NOT being able to decide from sooooo many purse choices :0)

This is a pretty PINK style don't you think???

There is also this one ~~~

I don't know,, what do you think,, I'm just a bit too old for this cute and PINK design,, right???

Then there was this Gorgeous and very Unique PINK flowerette style...
Charming isn't it..
Now you see,, its just too difficult to choose for me..
After all, God never has told me or directed me to the perfect purse.. But He has directed me to designing in PINKs for the business of designing greeting cards..
So I leave you with ~~~

"Faith and Hope"

This was named Faith and Hope~~Surviving Cancer

The FIGHT against all cancer's of course here at our house we say daily prayers for others to win that battle.
Kent and I have used this design as a card in our display racks for a time just a few months ago. It was our Hope and Prayer
that it would bless others in some small way.

This is sincere and from my heart to all of you.. No matter the trials you may be going through~~~
"May God bless you and keep you in His arms as you journey along with Him". Amen

Hugs Dena


  1. Those are some seriously cute purses. I am not much of a pink person. It has morphed into more of a purple! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a bunch of pretty pinks. I don't carry a purse anymore too many senior But on the serious side your card is lovely and gently reminds us all of the sadness cancer has brought into almost every families lives. I like their names "Faith and Hope" We need both and everyone's prayers.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday! I don't think I have a pink purse - I had one with pink in it and my daughter took it! Love the floral one!
    God Bless,

  4. Purses, one of my favorites. Pretty in pink!

  5. Oh I love that pink rose bag. How cool is that? Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Beautiful post as always! I luvvvvvvve those purses. I'm by purses like most women are by shoes. I don't like buying shoes because I can't ever find any that fit me right. (I have problem feet), but purses? OH MY! My 2 favorites of those above are the first one and the last one! You placed those JUST RIGHT. Beginning and the End, LOL! Anyway, I wanted to invite you to come over and enter my Book Give-Away. It's an Excellent Book of "faith building". I think you would really enjoy it. I will be having 3 winners, and you can make as many as 4 entries, (by following on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Blog Frog (if you belong to it). Come on over I have only had two other people enter. God Bless!

  7. All those pink purses are great. You came up with as perfect showing for Pink Saturday.


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