Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From My Puter To Yours and From My Heart Too" :0)

Thanks Lynn for hosting a beautiful Thankful Thursday @ Spiritually Unequal Marriage
This is the 1st Thankful Thursday God has blessed me in joining,, as we are usually away on a business trip. So I'm excited and Joyful about it!!!

Much JOY in Sharing~~~
My walk with Jesus Christ has grown sooooo much in simply knowing soooooo many of you and sharing each day in the wonderful land of blogging for Him!!!

Yes I'm truly Blessed and thankful to God and also to all of you ...

Sissi is sayin Hi in her Chihuahua way while laying on her Lil mat in her favorite hangout every morning when the sun shines boldly through our sliding doors to the back patio.
Hummmmmm~~~ I wonder if she is thinking,, "Awwwwww Heaven"~~~

Super~hubb's and I have decided that God must have fun turning these round and round
What do you think???
We have Oooodles of them now here in Iowa... I do worry aboutr the birds flying at them though... :0(

And a bit of a trial with my 17 year old,,, let me share with you...

So Dena ( me the mom) is kind of down tonight,, here is Jacob,, our 17 year old young man that soooo has a mind of his own ..And who can be quite the stubborn one for that matter..This pic was taken last winter..
I remember when he was born and prior to that,, through the whole pregnancy,,it was wonderful.. The sweetest baby and toddler and even into his first years of school..
Wow,, what a difference there is in him now,, a junior in High School..
You wouldn't know it by this pic of him,, yes,, he is very handsome,, but to listen to him tonight at the dinner table.. Just before Bible reading... We had one of our most loudest disscussions in quite a long time.. Very loud for sure,, it was reguarding his choice of music to listen/drive to... Yes we were all into a heated talk... Does it ever feel to you that all the prayers,, readings and talks have backed fired???? Well Sisters in Christ ,, it sure did to us again tonight,,it breakes my heart..
And of course these talks do make me nervous.. I stand our ground and so does Kent when it comes to God and His ways,, His word,, with training them up right...
One day Jacob may get it.. We are THANKFUL that he is being taught it much earlier then we had it taught/shared with us...It is our prayers nightly,, that each of our kids come to know Jesus and have a real true relationship with Him ... A daily,, minute by minute one... It is Super ~Hubb's and my desire each morning we wake up,, and we know just how much better off we are knowing Christ and walking the walk with Him in every breath we take..

That is my prayer for each of us,, all of you Sweet Girlfriends and Sisters in Christ..To really truly know and have a daily~minute by minute~realtionship with The Savior,,Almighty God..


  1. Such a nice thankful post sis. Praying for your precious Jacob.

  2. Such a heartfelt post. I have two kids in their early twenties, both who do not attend church right now. They are mad at God since their dad has cancer. So I can relate to your concern about Jacob. I get comfort from Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Keep praying!

  3. Love your post today.

    As for your son...You have instilled GOD in him.
    He lives within him. Have faith and your son will do fine.

    Have a wonderful day!


  4. I popped in to say hello. I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. Keep praying, everything will work out according to HIS purpose. :0)

  5. Sissy looks so relaxed, cute picture. Teens are never easy. I didn't become born again until I was 44 even though I was brought up in a Christian home. I pray for my children to find God in their time, I never push them but I do point out Gods love when something beautiful happens. He has to be who he is right now and all you can do is point the way.

  6. One is so calm- Sissi and one is testing the waters- Jacob. I hope and pray he won't be misled. The devil tries harder to get our Christian young because it is such a score he can brag about. I'll try to keep you all in my prayers for His guidance.

  7. So glad to meet you. Wow, do you have a beautiful blog! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  8. I hope he does too. It is a prayer of mine for my son. Wonderful post!


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