Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Some Heavenly BLUEs "

An IOWA sky and it brought to mind Heaven and WOW,, what was God up to just as I was snapping this photo??? Awwwwwwww, glorious thought don't you think??

Joining Sally @ Smiling Sally's, do stop by and visit her BLUE Monday event and have some FUN!!!

Hello my Sweet Girlfriends~~~ Hope this day finds you well and safe at your puters for a fun BLUE Monday with Sally..
It also seems a bit of a sad time since doing my Spiritual Sunday post and not having very many notes to read there yesterday,, had quite a few visitors but not many comments, ah well, I sooooooo pray it wasn't because there had been something I said wrong .. Of course many are so very busy I'm sure. It was not my intent~~~

Ooops, sorry about the electrical wire in this one ;0)

Anyhoo's, for this BLUE day ,, it seemed like a fun idea to hunt thru our own pics, rather than google them, for a touch of Heaven in the skies in some of the photos we have taken in our recent BT's in Iowa..So here we go~~~
Hope you all had a Blessed Sunday. Pastor at Faith Community was wrapping up his sermons on Prayer and WOW was it ever good...Of course the music was Super this morning.. We did another rendition of El Shaddai,,hope that was spelled correctly???
What a powerful song for sure!!!

This one we call angel wisp clouds~~~

Isn't God just sooooooooo Amazing!!!

These here were jet streams, or are they called vapor trails???
Super~Hubb's and I had seen so very many ,, it seemed like they were flying endlessly during pone of our last trips.. Its crazy up there how do they do it without more crashes.. I know,, traffic control and in our opinions "GOD" naturally

After all, it was a breath~taking day with such marvelously BLUE skies of the Heavens

This is closer to evening... Gorgeous!!!

Praying that your new week is blessed as you reflect on Jesus...
Praise God from who all blessings flow, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost...Amen

Hugs With Love~~~Dena


  1. Awesome captures. Have a great day.

    My Blue Monday.

  2. Beautiful blue skies. I love to take pictures of the different phases of the sky

  3. Because you're praising God as you snap pictures of His creation, I'm sure He's pleased.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  4. These are some awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!


  5. That was some awesome shots of that beautiful blue sky. I'm not sure if you're having problems with your blog because I tried to open you yesterday or it was your email and I got a message from my virus protector that I shouldn't open it. I don't see a post for you on Spiritual Sunday- I'm not real sure which day it was now.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love the sky and all its beauty.

  7. The last one looks like a body of water and the sky. I love sky photos. Thanks. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Howdy Dena
    Happy Blue Monday to you :)
    Blessings of love,joy and peace be yours as you have blessed countless others.
    Your images are all simply fabulous !
    As usual I spent so much time looking at them I almost forgot to comment .
    Well I have reined myself in and want to say thank you for such a lovely blog post to start off the week.
    I am so glad I took part in Blue Monday it has been almost a year since my last Blue Monday (my parents are still struggling with illnesses) I really needed to get out here in blogland again !
    God bless you Dena
    big Texas hugs
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  9. The beautiful blue sky is awesome. Great capture.
    Blue Monday

  10. Oh what a lovely blue sky. And you wrote a lovely Praise filled post. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day.

  11. Beautiful photos, God is so amazing. Many Blessings Niki xxx


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