Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy RED DAY to all of You!!!

Cherry World 1

Do check out Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World and join in on Red Day with all of us!!!

I trust all of you had a very safe and HaPpY CHRISTmas,,you have been in my thoughts and prayers since my last post BTW.
You all will be again tonight too. Its what I do Sister's...
So Sweet Sister's, in thinking of RED for today and many things jumbling my brain.. (It really doesn't take much lately.. ;0)
The One true unjumbled thought I had, in amongst the rest for, YEP, what to post RED, were my thoughts of God.. Christmas has come and gone again, but, God continues on... WOW.... Yes,, a WOW thought came through too.

Then as minutes ticked by with the jumble in my head of What To Do RED, it came to me, RED cookie jars, doilies, shoes, birds, flowers hair do's,
So what do I chose?????? Let's see, how about "Cookie Jars".

Mind you I have a red one of my own but no photo of it as yet... I adore cookie jars and am not sure why...???

I stay away from eating the contents of them, you know the COOKIE contents..
As they seem to attack my, not very thin, waistline~~~
Rather like the Santa Cookie Jar above ;0)

The Cookie Jars do bring me joy when I see sooo many unique ones out there in the vastness of the world wide web. For instance this one above.
And here's a point to ponder on, I LOVE Polka~Dots, and have absolutely no, NO idea why???? Go figure. As with the drawings I do of Lil Girly designs~~

I have to totally STOP myself from decorating each Lil outfit with, well, if you guessed Polka~Dots you are correct.
And I must say THANK You to God, seeing as how FUN and Happy Polka Dots and Cookie Jars are to me, I must ask around in reguards to, are they anywhere in Heaven????
And THANK YOU Sweet Sister's for stopping by and spreading some leftover Christmas Cheer with me... As I said earlier, You are all kept in my heart and prayers even when I'm not typing, atcha (pecking I should say)... Lots of Hugs~~~



  1. I love all of those cookie jars, especially the one with the polka dots!

  2. What fun cookie jars! Now I hope to see yours soon.

    Happy New Year!

    P.S. I adore polka dots too!

  3. I am loving your cookie jars...I think my fave is the polka dot one.

  4. Loved all your reds but most of all the red roses and candle with those sweet words. Have a wonderful day too. Hugs.

  5. Cookie jars are so homey . . . cookies are so yummy! How can anyone not love polka dots - they're so cheerful!

  6. Very nice examples of red. Cookie jars are so cute! Have a blessed day.

  7. If I had a bigger kitchen, I'm pretty sure I'd have several cookie jars! But I would keep them empty, because I'm the type that will eat any cookie within my sight!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy New Year!


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