Sunday, January 16, 2011

BLUE Icicles, Fuzzy Slippers and Hot Cocoa On BLUE Monday #? I Forgot To Keep Track Sister's

Hello Sally and Everyone,, it is my hope you all enjoy a truly, Blessed Day !!!

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Well BLUE Sister's,,God has blessed us with some beautiful snows here and with that of course comes, Icy Cold Temps too, like tonight after midnight, it is very likely well be receiving freezing rains!!!... So in honor of Him and the beauty of this weather I sat pondering images of BLUE Icicles... So~~~Away I go for some delightfully beautiful images :0)
and some nice Hot Cocoa mugs and such to warm a body good..As I was typing my lil heart out I noticed after posting this that I lost yet another friend/follower, Sister in blogging.. I think that makes 3 or 4 this week alone... How sad... Well, sorry ,If I do not please everyone.. I never mean to offend, just love and care about all of you..

Beautiful isn't it Sister's~~~

God's amazing touch shows in all these photos in the Icicle search last night on the web.


There is just nothing quite like God's brilliant crafting Ladies...

Now this was a special find as Super~Hubb's and I have talked many times of saving up to go,
( that's all it will ever be no doubt ;0) of going back home to California and being there in time to see Disneyland's Christmas decors.. This is the Castle all decked out in Icicles for the celebration..,. WOW!!! Guess it just depends on what God has in the wings for us.. :0)
And honestly, I'd just rather be healthy, happy,in love with my Hubb's and following Christ and
of course, paying the bills we already have.. But, its nice to talk about huh...

Oh my GOSH Ladies,,, these are fabulous aren't they. Too bad they are NOT my BLUE fuzzy slippers though.. Hope and Pray you're all keeping your lil toes all snug as bugs, in fuzzy slipper's this time of year!!!

Looks yummy doesn't it Sister's, found this on Bing images like the others, but its an add for a wonderful looking Market in Long Island called, "Vendara Raviolli" I believe... By the photo I saw, it appeared to be a really whimsical Market for those who live near there that is..

These are rather pretty, but my favorite find on Bing images is below at the end of this post.

Woooohooooo Ladies, its Ovaltine,,,WOW, its been years since I made any of this sweet warm elixir for myself.. Why is that I wonder, as the container states,, "FAT FREE" that sounds like it's for me!!!

I just LOVE this mug,, I would even if it was filled with, warm, inviting, and delicious, french vanilla coffee Sister's . Ahhhhh, my favorite!!!

May God bless you Sweet Sister's and keep you and your precious lil toes warm with His everlasting LOVE~~~

Prayers, Hugs and Love~~~Dena


  1. Dena, I hope things are going well. Hoping that prayers have been answered for you.

    This is a beautiful post, and God is an amazing creator!

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. i'm in awe for the great blues here, dena. happy monday to you.

  3. Howdy Dena
    Blessings and a happy Blue Monday to you !
    May God pour out His sweet spirit upon you this week and renew you inside out for the work that lies ahead of you .
    Thank you dear blogging sister for another awesome post .
    Take care now
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  4. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing.

    My Blue Monday.

  5. Great pictures!

    I lifted your and your business in prayer again just now.


  6. Just do your "thing," Dena; don't even watch that Followers List. I never look at mine.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  7. Please don't fret about the followers numbers. I know I have been a longtime follower of some and suddenly I'm not there, not on the next page either so I refollow and I feel blogger hiccups every once in awhile. I love all your blues- some cold (icicles) some warm and cozy (cocoa and slippers). Have a great day.

  8. Well don't worry about those who leave, it's certainly their loss. Your blog is so inspiring and your pictures certainly show the beautiful creation of ice cycles. I've never seen Disneyland at Christmas--this is beautiful.

  9. I just love looking at icicles, they are always so pretty. We went in '09 to Disneyland for Christmas, it was the first time I had been there for that and it was magical.

  10. Those icicles were so beautiful. Also I would welcome those fuzzy slippers any day. So comfy. Hope you are doing well my friend. Miss you.

  11. Dena, just got your message, and here's what I would do. You can copy the logo for that meme from my post. Save it to your computer. And then you can upload it onto your post. If you want to upload it to your sidebar, it's a different procedure, and I would have to check out how to do that. I just always add a link and say if you will click HERE and then I add their link where I have the word HERE. I just add the logo so they will know which meme.

    If I confused you, please feel free to email me. LOL!

    Hope this helps!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Signed up with you, too, Dena!

    Big hugs!


    Sheila :-)


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