Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greetings On RED Day Sweet Sister's !!!

It may be difficult to believe but NO, this is not me Sister's ;0) and, sad to say it isn't even my fancy figurine either.. And yes Sue, to reply to your comment, it does look as though she is holding a Remote :0) Hahahahaha

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Do check out Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World and join in on Red Day with all of us, for Oooodles of FUN and even more RED!!!

Today I was at a loss as to what to post RED... Super~Hubbs and I are working hard in our office. There are so many thoughts, concerns and prayers on my heart, that I had no real plan for RED Day and I also knew this post would be late.

There are not enough or the right words to express my THANKSssss to all of you for your thoughts and prayers for us, our business and home...Just know I'm ALWAYS sooo grateful to each of you ... I'll update everyone soon on what's new and give a Praise report on everything.. Super~Hubb's and I both know just how powerful all of your prayers have been!!! I'm hopeful there will be much to share next time..

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For now though Sweet Sister's,,,I pray that you too will get out your most favorite slippers ( no these are not mine, but they are sure cute), and keep on BLOGGING for God and for the Rich and Radiant color of RED!!!

And remember this~~~
You each continue to be in my prayers,,and don't you forget that Sister's~~~
Blessings and Love from Our Precious Savior above
~~~Hugssssss Dena


  1. Dena, I continue to raise you up and ask the Lord to bless you. This post was so sweet, and I just want you to know it is a pleasure to pray for you.

    I've had a pretty awful day, worn to a frazzle, so it was good to see that I'm in your prayers, too. Thank you. You've no idea how much I needed to hear that today.


    Sheila :-)

  2. You are so sweet. I read that prayer about before getting out of bed, to Don and we laughed. Then he said it was me....what!......so I guess I need to review my life....again....

    Hope you will have a blessed day too.

  3. Dena, you're not late - I leave these open until midnight of Thursday each week. Don't want anyone to get left out of the fun!

    I absolutely love that girl figurine in your first photo - is it yours? It almost looks like she has a remote control in her hand, hee hee!

  4. Love the ladybug slipper. Praying that the rest of your week is blessed by God.

  5. Yes, that girl has either got a remote control or her cell phone in her hand! She sure is a beauty, and those slippers are oh so cute!
    Happy REDnesday!


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