Friday, January 21, 2011

PINK Saturday HaPpInEsS Sweet Sister's !!!

Sweet Sister's, this PINK Day is about each of YOU and my thankful heart~~~

Do stop by Beverly's , have some fun and make some friends and visit some old one's too @
How Sweet The Sound for this weeks Beautiful PINK Saturday!!!

Last week I posted my PINK so late that not many came to visit..Or, I'm praying that was the reason anyway ;0).
This week it may be the same but posting I will do since I have sooooo very many of YOU to thank and give a PRAISE report , to any of you that are curious on how things are going in our greeting card business and in our lives...
But, first off, I just have to ask>>>
HOW, How do some of you get to Beverly's to post sooooo early??? WOW!!!
To get there in time for making it in the top 20 or, hahaha, even the top 50 would be nothing short of miraculous ;0)...
Kudos to all of you that make it there so FAST!!! Is that word even used anymore????

This is going to be longish so,, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa as I'm going to share about what Sistership ( You Ladies) and PRAYERS can/will do even for a small business like ours here in Iowa.. If God will do that for us then,
Just Imagine What He will do for those who call on Him,,yes!!!

A week or so ago I came to you with concern about our business and asked for prayers.. You were all so kind, thoughtful and gave some heartwarming comments...
So this is to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH !!!
Super~Hubb's and I have since been blessed by not only all of your heartfelt prayers, but also by God blessing us encouragements from Special Sister's to me..
One being Donnie from "New Blessing's Everyday".. I LOVE ya Sis !!!
Magpie (Sheila) of course from The Quintessential Magpie And Jackie from Christie Cottage.. , Debby @ Just Breathe, Charlotte @ Charlotte's Weblog, Terri @ Morning Dewdrops... You are soooooo thoughtful,kind and
helpful... I am truly BLESSED knowing each of YOU..I just love you Sister's!!!
Sally @ Smiling Sally,, wow I could just go on and on :0) there has been soooooo much encouragement from each of you...

The Lord has been hearing your prayers and blessing us and throughout the next few post's I'll try to share some of the things He has worked out for us.. One HUGE thing was during our business trip yesterday at one of the stores we have one of our greeting card displays at..

This is "Humphrey" btw

And before that, was last Tuesday, a call from my Sister-in-Law in California who is now a backer to help a new online business venture that has to do with our Greeting Card Website exsisting and another one that will coinside with it.. Of course Super~Hubb's has some major studying and work to do before any more will happen, after we receive the new CS5 that Kathy ( My SInL) has just purchased for the actual DDWG to coninue.. That stands for the new " Dream Doodler's Web Gems "
We are going to expand into so many more things to offer than just greeting cards..Now this will NOT be an over night thing, and importantly it is all in God's timing. Just as it was on our last BT. just by His hand we ran into my old boss who first gave me the chance years ago to sell my cards from a big store.
Rememer I was so wonndering IF God still wantedd us to continue with our small business???? Well, after talking with my old x boss, who is now one of the Boss's of the chain of stores we sell from,, well, WOW, God was sure sending Super~Hubb;'s and I a BIG message through this man.
So as you read here,, PRAYERS are always needed for not only Us here in "Dream Doodler Cottage" but we all could use a few prayers now and again,, right Sister's.. So please let us know if any of you have any prayer requests. It would be our privilege. Kent and I pray together each morning and each night... So do not hestitate in letting me know..

When I figue out how to explain the new business endeavor better I will. It is so very exciting to have a backer to start off with for it though.. And it was all her idea.. And get this Sister's, she divorced my brother like, 29 years ago but, she and I have still kept intouch and honestly, I've always called her Sis...
We just didn't talk very often really over the years.. She is in California still, where I'm from.. So this was a HUGE Surprise from Our Heavenly Father!!!
I would send her emails here and there. Never spoke to her of our business though.. Just do that with all of you.. Funny how God works things out for His Glory huh!!!

So here in Iowa we are ever Praising God... And Thanking Him for such Sweet MAGNIFICENT Sister's like YOU!!! I treasure each one of you...
You're in my Prayers everyday...
Blessings and Love from Our Precious Lord above~~~Hugs~~~Dena


  1. I am so behind on my blog reading that I can't always get in here to read. But I do miss you when I don't. I love that fist picture in your post. Oh and I am so thankful your business ventures are going well. Can't wait to hear more about all God is doing for you!

  2. I'm so glad things are looking brighter for you. I have had some beautiful comments on the cards I received and I can't wait to send the first one which is my DIL's birthday next week. I think Pink Saturday comes open at 9 PM and a lot have their post already written. I need to get more organized but I'm not too bad. I'm excited to hear what blessings God has in store for your business. Stay safe and warm.

  3. G'morn Dena ~ Congrats on the success of your business, may it continue to prosper for you. What a blessed week for many ...

    Have a happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Sounds like great news. How awesome to have that relationship with your brother X. Humphrey is so cute! When I post for a meme, depending on where the person lives, I will stay up until midnight to get right up in front. I don't have mine posting until midnight for the current days date. I know it's silly but I am usually up anyway. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Blessing to you for sharing your story. I am so glad you are having success.. i love the little drawing of Humphrey


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