Tuesday, January 25, 2011

""Its A Beautiful Rednesday Ladies!!!""

Please know, I did NOT make this delictable Cake..
And it does taste as Fabulous as it looks Ladies!!!
My Daughter Jenny's MiL is the wonderful Baker on that side of the family.
Eileen B.. Thanks sooooo much for this Stunningly Beautiful~Gorgeous
 Black Forest Cake..
Super~Hubb's tells me that it tastes as GREAT as it looks ,,all the boys do!!!
In fact Tommy and Billy may have visions of this cake dancing in there heads ;0)


Cherry World 1

Do check out Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World and join in on Red Day with all of us. Visit some Friends and make some new ones too!!!

Happy Birthday Super~Hubbs!!! This was a photo of the Black Forest Cake we ordered for him for his 51st Birthday Tuesday...
It was a small family celebration and very special...

Sissi just had to get involved too, weaseling her way to the table by Daddy, The Birthday Boy  who has the food ~~~ She is our Lil Miss Piggy I tell you, a regular Lil Moochi Poochi ;0)...

The boys eating and if you look close you'll see my RED lil birds on my coffee mug too, beside my yogurt .. It was a yogurt supper for me since tonight Super~Hubb's and I will have a salad with a movie, and you ask, WHAT is the movie we're going to watch?? It will be "Who shot Liberty Valince" with Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne, or "Open Season 2 " I'm hopeful it'll be the western ...
BTW, see the wires above the windows, its because we decorate the house all up with RED lights for Valentines Season .
He was soooo HaPpY to see His cake and the Snicker Salad !!!

Wow, another NO make~up photo just for my Sister's~~~ Ooops
Like Hun, please NO close ups,,,!!!

The boys had some laughs with Dad and I did the serving and kitchen details.

BLESS You my Sweet Sister's in Red Day Blogisphere, you're Angels from God for reading yet another no make~up post ;0)
Blessing's and Love from The Mighty LORD above~~~Hugssssss and Prayers ~~~Dena


  1. That is such a beautiful cake. I'm sure everyone including Sissi loved it.

  2. That cake is work of art. If it tasted as good as it looked you must have been in Heaven.

  3. Oh that cake looks yummy! Happy belated birthday to your precious hubby!

  4. Wow-- that looks too good to eat but I bet I could get past my reservations! :o)

  5. Hi Dena,
    Be still stomach...that cake looks delicious and it is decorated so pretty.:o)
    Happy Birthday to Kent!!! He is the same age as my husband.
    You look beautiful, Dena.:o)
    The Tattered Tassel

  6. With all that cake and the other goodies, anyone should have a happy face. Looks like everyone had a big piece and left with smiles. Some peopple look just fine without makeup.

  7. That cake looks delicious. I love to see pictures of that adorable Sissie-what a doll.

  8. Looks like he had a great day! Happy Birthday

  9. That cake looks like it was professionally made. It looks SO yummy! Happy Birthday to Mr. Dreamdoodler!
    Happy REDnesday,


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