Monday, January 24, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Super~Hubb's and Many Many More

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Its just me saying ~~~

To my Man~~~my 1 true love~~~Kent "Super~Hubb's"Elwood

So here's an image of what one of the treats will be on his Birthday...
My daughters MiL is like the best (or real close to it that there is), cake baker in this state!!! Her license plate reads "EAT CAKE"...
So we ordered one Special for Super~Hubb's to sink his teeth into Tuesday evening...

There will also be some Snicker Salad.. The men/boys of this house will be in desert heaven... Out of the two deserts for the day, I'm only capable of creating is the latter...
Sure I could have tried the Black Forest Cake bake myself but, what a fiasco that would have been for his BD,,why not get the best ya know, and Praise God !!!

To my Dream Come True Husband that, Our Loving Savior blessed, Lil'Ol me with, when I least expected Him to ~~~ Almost 7 years ago now... And it is a privledge to CELEBRATE another BIRTHDAY with YOU,, and May Our Precious LORD Jesus bless us with many more years to CELEBRATE each day in together...
Of course, all the rest of the Birthday's, Christmas's,
New Years, Anniversary's, Easter's, every one of the Hoilday's.
And well, Winter's, Spring's, Summer's and, Autumn's too!!!

Here's the Chef of Thanksgiving Turkeys and those for Christmas's too :0)

Snicker Salad,, which reminds me to get done with thsi and get to preparing this dish before bed tonight too..Its best when chilled for hours.. And which is best, with pudding in the recipe or without?????????

Lots of LOVE and Big HUGSsssss to each and everyone of you Sweet Sister's...
Keepin you in my heart and prayers, naturally.


  1. Happy Birthday to Super-Hubbs too. Love the photo with little bit. So cute. Have a wonderful time.


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