Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy And Thankful On This Thankful Thursday With You!!!

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Just a quick note o keep in touch , with my Sweet Sisters that I LOVE soooo much..!!! And of course ,, that I am soooooo THANKFUL for too.

Super Hubb's and I are busily preparing for a delivery trip to prayerfully, fill our card displays in the North Western area of Iowa...

Maybe, just maybe God will bless us not only with  safe travels when we go, but also with MORE SUNSHINE!!!

After the last few BLIZZARD days and nights,,YES, the sunshine will be a very welcome change for our
deliveries...  We have been sooo Praising God that there had/have been NO power outages in our town..
And Super~Hubb's and I continue to pray for so many others that are going through the same weather conditions, or worse.    Here in SW Iowa we received quite a bit of snow, like 5 inches.
The big deal was the way it was blowing and drifting snow..

This sweet little tweeter, I call them snow~birds, is a blessing for me also. Thankfully there is a clearing made to toss out some bread crumbs and seed for these DELIGHTFUL and Fun fine feathered friends from God.
Thank You LORD, they are a joy to watch on a freezing day.

I tell you what Sisters,,my coffee pot stays on for hours in the winter :0

And I'm sooooo  Thankful that each and everyone of us are soooo TOTALLY
Loved by our Heavenly Father , Almighty God..

May you know and feel His Presence wiith every passing day..Amen
And know that you each remain in my heart and prayers~~~Love and Hugs~~~Dena
2 B Continued  :0)


  1. So thankful foot u too! You bless me with every comment and every post! Love your heart. That birdie is so sweet.
    Hugs, Mimi

  2. Have safe travels guys and loved all your choices of pictures today. Guess I'll have another cup of coffee now.

  3. Lovely post and that 100% Love by God clip art made my day!! Have a great trip.

  4. I just prayed for you to be blessed.


    Sheila :-)

  5. Seems like the winter blast has gotten to everyone, so be careful out there. I am blessed to hear your sweet grateful spirit this week on Thankful Thursday! -blessings.

  6. I loved the 100% Loved by God!! YES we are!
    Safe journies to you!
    Happy TT.

  7. Such a cute post! I am praying tonight for you and all the folks affected by the weather.


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