Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Had To Share This With My Sweet Sisters

The image above is from a fantastic website called "Photos For Souls" ...
I've spent many many minutes there and felt the need inside to share it with you when you get a chance you may want to check it out..
It is sooooo very comforting, with Photos and Bible Verses.
There are a few poems there also...I was soooo WOWed!!!  Don't ya just love those WOW moments from God!!!!   :0)

Until my next post I leave you with the url to the website above

and want you to know I'm thinking of You and your in my heart and prayers too...
Hugs and Love~~~Dena


  1. Good morning sweetie. I'll be sure to visit them. Have a wonderful Friday.

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for sharing this link. I'll hop on there now and prepare to be wowed, too.


  3. Thank you, I will check it out.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


~~~Thanks so very much for sharing with me you're Lovely Thoughts~~~
From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3