Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Old Poem For Spring and The Vines of The San Gabriel Mission

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In 2009 Super~Hubb's and I were blessed with a vacation back to my home state of sunny California.
While we were there one of my longings was to visit the San Gabriel Mission..
These are a few photos we took while there.. Its such a serene and Beautiful place, the above photo is of a mural of Christ.
And with the poem I am posting the next photos of the Grape Vines  and flowering vines growing across the
trellises are  just soooooo breath taking...
Happily they show some RED brick work and some RED in the trellis also.

This is the most Magnificent Grape Vine ever I believe.. Super~Hubb's and I were stunned as we walked up to it!!!

Yes its truly Amazing Sisters.. And, Wow ,  I can sure see in looking back that I was 50 pounds heavier then.
Praise God for our visit in 2009 and for my new eating regiment... Sacrificial eating plan :0)

In thinking of being Prayerful for all the catastrophies of late, all over the world.  In my search for a prayer to post I found this poem in an old booklet my Mom had.. And wanted to share it with all of you.. Its also why I have shared the photos above too.
It was  written by~ Grace E. Easley...

"I Am The Vine"
 "Iam the Vine" you need ME,
if you would grow and thrive, without MY loving care,
you would not even be alive....
"You are the branches" budding forth,
with bright and tender leaves,
And I provide the nourshiment that every plant needs.

My Father, the Vine-grower, surveys HIS vineyard well,
and brancehs needing pruning,
HIS eyes can always tell...
HE cuts away the dry limbs, and those HE has discarded,
HE burns beyond the field....

"Iam the Vine" responsible for all the good you see,
"Who lives in ME and I in HIM"
bears fruit abundantly.
So make your life a part of MINE, and to MY words be true,
And anything at all you ask of ME,
This shall be given you!"~~~~~~~
Our Loving LORD and Savior Jesus Christ
is always there ready and waiting to hear from each of us, in times of disaster, yes, but even in times of
laughter and smiles, when we are having more happy moments too...
Thanks for letting share myself and this day with You, Sweet Sisters...

May we all keep a Prayerful mind and heart for one another...
If there are any prayer requests plaes do not hesitate in letting me know..I'll be honored to pray for you....

Blessings from our Precious LORD above on You and Yours~~~Love, Prayers
and Hugs~~~Dena


  1. Cool photos!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I bet its fun to see those vines that full of fruits,,,Happy Rednesday.

  3. Those were great photos Dena. Your posts are always so inspirational.

  4. Holy Grapevine Dena! Only in San Gabiel at a Church would this vine grow to such magnificance. Ain't God got the green thumb!
    Ok, every time someone says they were born in Ca. I have to ask...'What Part?'.....I was a Marine Corp Baby. My Dad was stationed in Pendleton and they lived in Santa Ana. They came home in 62'..I was 2 so, don't remember much, but I love to ask.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful place with us, for praying for and with us, and also praising God with you dear one to see how Jesus has increased and you have decreased. More of Him and less of you..He IS so good.


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3