Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh my Gosh Sweet Sisters, it's another BLUE Monday with~~~
Sweet Smiling Sally~~~~Wooooohooooo, Hurray for BLUE Monday!!!

Click on over to visit Smiling Sally's and join in on the event~~~ BEAUTIFUL BLUE~~~ Monday !!!
Did you know BLUE is Sally's FAVORITE color???

And just to share this with all of you, my Sweet Sisters, that if it weren't for God leading me to click over to Sally's BLUE Day over a year ago now, well, I would NOT have been Blessed in knowing ANY of YOU, my Sweet Sisters..
Thanks be to our Precious LORD that I did.

So on with the photos ~~~

I was happily singing a tune when Super~Hubb's and I arrived home from our last BT because waiting here at home for me wasn't only my Sissi Baby, or our Sons, no Sister's there was also a wonderful gift from Sweet Sally...
It was one of Terri Blackstock's Books.. It seems that Sally being such a Special Lady remembered me writing about T.Blackstock being such a favorite author of mine...
So Super Sister Sally sent, lil-ol-me, this book.

So I tried a few different snaps to show it , and had to incorporate some BLUEs in on the photo too.
This one here I hurriedly added my newest Monster Birthday design," Mookie" that I'd recently finished,..But somehow it just didn't do it for me..
 See Sally, Mookie is waving at You

So then I tried laying the book on my couch quilt, thinking it had some touches of BLUE throughout the color scheme.
But, again, it just wasn't doing it for me...
Not sure what it is actually Ladies.
It just didn't have a certain look..

So,when I saw the BLUE Doily on our glass coffee table that my Grams had made eons ago, well, I'll just say,
FINALLY, I was satisfied.. See Sisters I just had to show it on my BLUE Monday post as I'm soooooooooo
 THANKFUL To my Sweet Sister Sally for thinking of me and mailing it...
THANKS Sally With all my heart,
You are a Treasure!!!
 You sooooooo brightened the fact that when we get home from a  longish BT of delivering our greeting cards miles away and going from one store to another to set them up, only to arrive back home to ????? whatever kind of mess our wonderful Son's can think of  leaving for Super~Hubb's and I,
in our away time, just sayin, WOW this gift from You was a Bright spot in my night..!!!.
I'd say I was speechless, but as you Sweet Sisters can see, turns out I'm NOT :0)  And Sally,
I'm fairly sure that that was a run on sentence, right..
If you Ladies always read my entire posts,  you must be use to them by now ;0)  hahahaha.

This is the FUN book I'm finishing up before I read the
new Terri Blackstock book.
Its the 2nd one of the series of "Potluck Club" books..

And lastly, Super~Hubb's had something special
waiting for him too.
His next bag of Almond Joy pieces!!!    
 Yep, he also asked me to please let you all know that, he doesn't eat them all at one time.     No, no, no, he usually takes almost 2 weeks to finish the bag.. Notice the word I used, ALMOST ;0)

Ahhhh, what a Beautiful verse...
Sally, you are a Dear Sweet Lady,,I thank our God for YOU and for all of You, Sweet Sisters .
If it weren't for BLUE Monday,  I'd never have been soooo Blessed in knowing any of , YOU!!!
Our God is a Mighty God~~~Have a Blessed in Him new week, and keep this scripture verse close in your hearts.

LOVE~PRAYERS of course, and HUGS~~~Dena


  1. You are so very welcome. I hope that you enjoy the book as much as I did.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  2. Sally is so sweet and I love that she sent you the book. You know I'm focused on Super-Hubb's Almond Joy Pieces. He must be very disciplined because it wouldn't last 2 day with Don and

  3. So pretty!

    Please come and see worthwhile blues, have a good day!

  4. Such pretty blue find. Thanks for sharing!
    Blue Monday

  5. Hi Dena, What a true blue friend. My Jim is the same way with candy...LOL....if it was M&M's and mine...gone in a day. When it comes to chocolate....that little voice wins every time, but I envision when God came up with this he said...'Man, I done good. I knew there was a reason I created light, Cocoa plants,and cows...!'

  6. Hi Dena,

    What a fun post! How nice of Sally to remember you and your hubby. Yay!

    Best and God bless,


  7. Hello Dena,
    Thank you for stopping by my blogs and for leaving VERY encouraging notes on them.
    I'm blessed to see how you value friendship.
    God can bless us in many different ways, and I'm always awed and surprised on how He keeps blessing me with good friends.

    I will be coming back to browse your blogs some more.



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