Friday, March 11, 2011

Wooooohooooo, its PINK and GREEN!!!
This will be a HaPpY PINK Saturday Beverly :0)

Do stop by Beverly and have some fun and make some friends @ How Sweet The Sound
for this weeks Beautiful PINK and Green Saturday!!!

So Sweet Sisters since I had no real photos of anything Pink and Green,
the search for it began>>>> Except what should it be??????
Ahhhh haaaaaa, first let me say ~~~

And wonderful BLESSINGs to my heart and to my everyday!!!

Now mind you Ladies, I am preparing this P&G Saturday a day or two ahead as we will be away on our travels, just another one of our business trips of delivering batches of newly designed greeting cards for Iowa and beyond~~~Hopefully beyond that is... Its just real difficult competing with the major greeting card companies..   But with God we just keep on keeping on Super~Hubb's and I do...
BTW~~~OOOOOooooodles of THANKS continue for all the precious prayers and comments on and for our lil company Sisters!!!!

Now this lil image is so soft and light,, a pretty one that I can NOT take credit for. I've no idea who did it but found it in a seach for this event.. I do sooooo admire it thats for sure...

Soon again this Spring, can you sense that I'm THINKING SPRING???? Ahhh, but aren't we all Ladies
May I speak for all of us~~~~YES!!!

This is a FuN one don't ya think????
Its like a 60's or 70's Shamrock..
Maybe even "Brady Bunch~ish"...

Oh my gosh Girls, its our Jelly Bean container,,see the PINK and the Green tasty morsels!!!

And then Ladies~~~~I found it, a photo of my daughters fish "Fernando"
that i took a month ago while visiting them for dinner...See the GREEN and PINK,
Pansies, one of my favorite blossoms...

And this here is the Family that owns Fernando the fish.. My Beautiful Daughter Jenny, her wonderful Hubb's Brian and our BEAUTIFUL  Grandchildren, Griffin and Cassie..  You've seen Cassie a LOT since she and Grams here are hangin out Mondays after school  while Griffin takes off with the guys for the game room in the basement.
The young men of the house like to call it the "Man Cave".   
  Oh yeah guys, then why is Mom here always in the
"Man Cave" telling you all to pick up the MESS...
Quite regularly,,,hahahaha.

So Sweet Sisters, hope this was an alright entry for P&G Day with Beverly...
And like the sweet Lil Angel note says~~~God Bless...
Enjoy your Saturday and many many of the LORDS Blessings on You and Yours this Sunday too!!!
Love~Prayers and Hugs~~~Dena


  1. Lovely images today Dena and may all your days be filled with Pink and Green. {{{Hugs}}}

  2. Just passing by and waving! Busy and don't stop by the "color" themed posts much.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  3. Your post is beautiful. You could not have done anything that would beat this. Job well done.

  4. Hi Dena,
    Loved all of your Pink and Green but I think I loved Fernando the best...what a cute name for a fish!

    Happy PS
    Deanna :D


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