Saturday, July 24, 2010

Catching Up With My Friends~~~

Hello Sweet Girlfriends,,I pray this is finding you all well. It has been a few days since my last post update.. Kent and I just got home from another delivery run to fill our card displays in North Western Iowa this last trip.
It never fails ,, each time we go we are sooo hopeful and ready to work,,BUT getting home safely by Gods hand well, nothing beats that!!! Sooo we have been Praising Him often.. Our van "JOY" has many a mile on her like, 179,000 ,,,yes-sir-eeeeeeee
The poor girl.. God just keeps her going, and of course we DO pray about "Joy" often...

We must include in those miles, 1 trip to Ohio, and 3 beautiful trips back home to California~~~ Some of the Palms in Cali,,,we don't see those much here in Iowa ;0)

I'm always anxious to return home to my Puter to see whats what with my Girlfriends... I have been visiting there blogs and thought, well, I had better get a move on it and update mine.

I had a few moments to visit Lisa Shaw's at Sharing Life with Lisa and WOW does she have a super photo up with her daughter.. what an Awesome woman for God.. Then there is Mary at A Splendid Adventure,, she was my very 1st follower BTW and after Gods heart also. I then drove my mouse thingy over to Ann's at The Tattered Tassel,,,she's a sweetheart too. Then on to Marice's at Life Can't Wait, she is adorable.
Plus there is Cheryl with her newest endeavor,Positively Lovely with some gorgeous designs..Of course I can't forget Debby at Just Breathe who I admire soooo very much along with, Barbie at My Freshly Brewed Life,,,, all of the Sweet Friends listed above, and more that I will mention in another post, are again, "Awesome" women of God who strive to show His Spirit in all that they say and do..There are so many more of you that I Do soooo Cherish and Respect, more than all my words can express.
I should have started this post update a bit more prepared don't you agree...
My days are much more fullfilling now that I have joined all of You my Sweet Friends in this Blogisphereland... and I THANK YOU with my whole heart!!!

"Friendship Is A True Blessing From God "

We did get home in time last night for Hubb's and me to play a bit of Wii,,,silly me I lost to him at bowling,,,letting him know that I let him win !!! Just kidding, I am shall we say, not very good at TV Video games.
Kent finds them relaxing,,,RIGHT,,,what about when your sooo upset Hun at the way
your getting pushed off the race track on your Mario Cart????? It is soooo cute to Girls.. Wish I had a photo of that ;0) It doesn't look relaxing at allllll ;0)

Then there is my 30 year old,,,why does he not call????? I have left him short messages like, Hi Huney, I love you....Does he ever call back after a few days,,,NO... He must be very content with his job.. And we are PROUD of him and his
car of choice this time around.. Here's a photo...Pete if you read this,,,I LOVE you and Miss You but I'm also Proud that your making your way in the world too.
"HUGS Mommy"

Pete and his 87 Buick all shinny and its paid for !!!
You really could call me son,,,and honest Girls I never call and nag or tell him what to do,not for many years now. Perhaps I should be ????..
I just leave him alone and figure God will be nudging him some day, right...

I believe I'll stop at this and leave you with a wonderful verse and a prayer from me to Our LORD Jesus and wish you all a~~~ Blessed by HIM Sunday and week...
I am honored and touched to be known as your friend!!! Thank You

"Our Heavenly Father, I am so thankful that You are the GOD who reaches down to us moment by moment. Conscious of Your constant watch over us and Your loving care.
Knowing that You are with us each step of our way makes living in this world joyful and free in You~~~Amen and Amen

"God said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."
Hebrews 13:5


  1. Amen to the verses! Glad you made it home safely. Wii bowling is so much fun. I still need to get one for us, we usually play when we go to our sons house. Thank you for the sweet Shout Out! Love you too!

  2. Hebrew 13:5 What a powerful message and one I count on everyday!

    My kids don't call me either. I leave them a short message "I love you and just wanted to check in so you'll know I'm ok." That's it. Same message, over & over :-)

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Welcome home! My kids better call me when they out of the house (yeah, right, huh?). Thank you for your friendship and the shout out. You are always such a blessing.


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