Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Designs and Just a Few Things I'm Grateful For On This Gratitude Wednesday

First,,THANK YOU Heidi at Heart and Home for being such
a Gracious Hostess for this event!!!
She has such a Beautiful Blog, do stop by and visit her..

This week Sweet Girlfriends,,I am very grateful for so many, many, things..It would be much to lengthy of a post, so I'll refrain ;0)
I serve an awesome God who dazzles us with Awesome sights and wonders like these "Cloud Angels" for example, as we travel all over Iowa, filling display racks with greeting cards..
He blessed us with our own business after Kents job moved to Mexico 4 yrs. ago.
Drawing and creating new card designs is a HUGE thing I'm extremely Grateful for.

And Blessing me,,Lil Ole me~~~With a Super Man for a Husband,,then my wonderful,yet sometimes bratty kids,,6 in all, of which 3 teen boys are still here at home PLUS and I can't leave out my hairy Lil Girl either,,Sissi

This was a forced photo,,can you tell ;0)

Here she is as a PUP ~~~So Sweet~~~

So you see, those are just a few things. Tonight we prepare for a delivery trip and I wanted to show Sweet Heidi my support and friendship sharing some of the special parts of my life too. There are Sooooo many Awesome Women in my life through this blogging...I am VERY GRATEFUL for, everyday I turn on this puter !!!
I sooooo wish I had photos of all of You to show in this post~~~

Then on Monday besides posting for Blue Monday,,and THANKS Girlfriends for all your notes :0)
I really, honest I did, began some much needed work on some Autumn card designs and here are a couple of them~~~

"Autumn Trees"~~~
We use this design as a 5x7 greeting card. It is a Thinking of You type and has the name of the state on it,,, "Hello from Iowa Wishing You" on the front and
the inside says~~~ sunshine and happiness in all that you do~~~


"Three Pumpkins"

And for these new designs I'm extremely Grateful to Our Precious LORD,,,if not for HIM I would not be creating them at all. They are not by my hand but His.. I've never had any schooling for art or art training.. So YES,, I am GRATEFUL and Blessed with this New Life, Kent and I call it,,in Christ
It was God that brought us together in the 1st place 5 yrs ago...
We forever Praise Him for all we are blessed with now..

Thank You Darling Friends for reading all the way through this, and if you got this far,, woooohoooo you did read it all !!!

May You enjoy many of Gods Blessings in your lives and Big Hugs
from Lil Ole me~~~Dena E


  1. Hi Dena,
    Well, you are a very blessed woman! Talented, and loving, and with a big happy family to boot. Those boys don't look too thrilled about having their picture taken though!! That's so funny. Thank you so much for the sweet mention of my blog, I do appreciate it (and you) so much!
    I hope you're having a wonderful week.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  2. Love the picture of the cloud angel. I can totally see it!

  3. Wonderful pictures of your family!

    The Fall art for your cards is great!

    Do you sell your cards online?
    You can contact me thru my etsy shop. (I saw your message the other day on my blog)

    Have a blessed day!


  4. this post if perfect for the Wordful Wednesday sissy :) you are really an artist! :) you creations are so fresh in the eyes!

    oh by the way, that family photo looks cute and it doesnt look forced at all :)


  5. I did read it all! Nice drawings. Nice family shot too! Love the clouds.

  6. I'm new to the Bloggerette Sorority and wanted to stop by and meet some of the 'sisters'. Hi!

    My door is always open. Help yourself to some tea and cookies and please ignore all the dog hair from my 6 dogs.

    God Bless!

  7. Lovely picture of your family and I just adore the Autumn Trees picture!


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