Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello Everyone~~~It's Another Terrific BLUE MONDAY !!! # 12 ??

Moving right along,,down the BLUE MONDAY Path with Smiling Sally and her gang with
some Beautiful Blues to share with all You's~~~ No that isn't proper English,,, oops

Here We Go~~~

I will start with another travel photo of the Gorgeous BLUE Sky the LORD had for us last Monday,,as we went onward in our journey to fill greeting card displays... BTW~~~ NEWS FLASH UPDATE for all of you that were soooo very encouraging to us as we tried to get the other account~stores to carry our displays~~~ We left them with about 12 sample greeting cards,,the GM said she was so excited about them and kept the samples to show her boss,,we did that last Monday...
Here it is,,Monday a week later and still NO WORD...
Now odes "Get back to you as soon as I can " mean, soon or what is the actual meaning of soon. Guess I should look that up... Soon to me means much sooner than this, or am I just being impatient??? Perhaps~~~
The meeting did go very well Praise God, and Kent and I were very encouraged..
Anyway,,,THANKS SO MUCH for all your thoughts and prayers concerning our Lil Company
They all have meant more than I can say.. And of course,,its all in Gods timing not ours,, so we know its gioing to be OK...To do things His way~~~

This is what I soooo enjoy eating,,when we travel or at home,,,and look Sally,,, its BLUEBERRY too..
Can you see the Lil Dannon logo,,,its BLUE too !!!
I could eat yogurt at any time of the day or night.. Its a BLESSING too,thanks be to God,, as that is how I dropped my lbs the past few months.. That and, sorry Sally, green vegies.
But I will not bore you with anymore of my chatter on my menu of late...
BTW~~~ It is not always dannon yogurt,,sorry dannon

This is the Co~CEO's hat,,,((God is the CEO of Our Dream Doodlers greeting card co.)) Its worn out but Kents favorite for our travels..
Don't you see the BLUE???
And don't you agree he needs a new one,,,this is so worn and faded.. Personally, I wonder if Kent, my Amazing Hubb's will part with it yet???
I would show one of our new designs I actually worked on this week, but it has no BLUE in it..

But this one here does,,,kind of crazy too, isn't it????
I was in a mood I guess....We named it Lake,,, it was inspired by the areas we go to here in Iowa that have some magnificent lakes .. Those customers really enjoy our cards that we put the town names on like Okaboji~~~Storm Lake etc..
So that is what we use this design for... In case you were curious ;0)

This is my last pic for todays BLUE,,,a photo from last summer when the LORD had blessed us with a SUPER trip back home to California and DISNEYLAND !!! Long about now Kent is missing it,,since we were not able to go this summer.. He believes God will bless us again next ...He is just like a little boy sometimes,,,,its kind of cute but other times,,,well Girlfriends,,I think you get what I'm meaning when I ask,,HOW many boys am I raising anyway???? Ha Ha Ha
He is my Hero though, and a Big Blessing from God....

HAPPY BLUE MONDAY Girlfriends,,,,and many many more too.
Blessings and Hugs To all of YOU

"Holy is The LORD God Almighty,,,the Earth will sing of HIS Glory"


  1. Wonderful sky photos. And the yogurt looks yummy.

    My Blue Monday.

  2. Morning, Dena,

    I'm wondering if that salesclerk REALLY showed your samples to her boss; maybe you should check back.

    You have plenty of good blue items today, so Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Those were all great pictures with wonderful stories to go along with them. I love the first sky picture the best. AWESOME. Also..yum to blueberry yougart.

  4. I love your colorful illustration. This is such a sweet post. You are so blessed and I appreciate your sharing your blessings with us! Have a great day!

  5. Oh!! Dena! I could take a trip on that highway! It looks like the "highway to the sky-way!" I agree, though, in re: to your cards---maybe you should double check on them. Sometimes the "wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the grease." "Squeak Squeak." :) Thanks for keeping us "posted." And, btw, it seems like we JUST had a Blue Monday! Is it me, or are these weeks flying by!? Geesh. Hugs to U! :)

  6. Congratulations on your cards! Pray they sell well. Have a great week. Debbie

  7. hi sissy!!! :) I so love the sky shot! so beautiful and so amazing! :) esp the 3rd photo, the background almost look a painting! that blueberry looks really yummy! :)

  8. Wonderful post and a feel good feeling as I finished. Thanks!

  9. sweet tour,
    I feel like driving toward the blue sky..

  10. I understand - when I say I'll get back to you - I try to do it asap!
    But, that doesn't always work for everyone.
    Love your pictures and hope you are blessed with your cards.
    God Bless,

  11. Had to look twice at the sky photo... to make sure it was a photo!
    Happy Blue Monday! ~Karen

  12. I love the capture of the sky. So lovely.

  13. I love stopping by your blog, I always leave here with a smile. Thank you!!I too love the sky picture, it is gorgeous! We truly are Blessed Beyond Measure!!

  14. beautiful blue photo's and I pray your business continues to store at a time :)


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