Friday, July 16, 2010

Sissi and I Send Hello's and Hugs To You !!!

Joining in with "Spiritual Sundays" This Weekend,,,Hope I do this right everyone,, this is my 1st time to be in on the event, so here goes, let me know if its done right~~~Have A Blessed Time

That's right Sweet Friends first thing this weekend,,,Sissi and I will be here at my desk ready-ing for some serious creating... LORD willing of course. We both know I'd be "No Where" without HIM in control.. Honest ,,been there done that as the saying use to go..Perhaps its still used now days too.???
There are so many special friends I have been blessed with this side of my puter, and it has not even been a year.. I have lost a few though and never am sure why one or 2 have decided not to follow??? Did I upset them ???? Never is my intent,,ever..If I have at any time.. There have been a few blogs that I have read and the person has spoke of it not mattering about the #'s and that is so true,,but it does kind of get to us when no one adds on for a long period of time..
Honestly it does... For me as time has moved on, and I'm approaching
my 1 year blogoversary, ??? my spelling there, well, it isn't as upsetting because I am not sure who has unfollowed me.. For what ever reason ,,and with my whole heart I am sorry to any I may have offended, please forgive me.
Aside from that, I want to post on each one of YOU and I need to decide when to start a blog post dedicating it to a special friend each time... It will be fun but I worry about DOING IT JUST RIGHT,,,not to upset anyone..
Then again,,I do soooo LOVE speaking to you of God and how HE moves in our everyday lives here in our Dream Doodler office and home...

This was taken in Groom Texas last summer its a beautiful place, where someone had also erected a HUGE CROSS that can be seen for miles away..

Then there is Sissi, she tends to come in and do her Lil begging dance, which I have yet to get a picture of..So one of us gets up to reach for her bag of treats,, she gets a smidgen each time,,or yes , she'd be a Lil Porker Puppy ;0) ...

Here she is Sweet Sissi, just after her Happppy Dance for us,,,can you see her in this photo,,she is saying "Please, just one more bite".
So what do her mom and dad do??? I believe you know the answer ;0)

May all of you have a Safe and Blessed Weekend,,,and THANKS for all the many comments, notes and love your leaving for me..
It sooooo warms my heart and please know that you are all in my prayers each night..
I mean that in all sincerity and it is my hope~prayer that you have a Blessed Relationship with Him~~~Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior,,,
who I owe my Everything to~~~

So from me for You~~~
Dear LORD, No matter what kind of day any of my Sweet Friends are having,
Embrace them with Your strong, comforting arms and leave Your fingerprints of LOVE that no one can erase...I pray this all in Your Holy Precious Name, Jesus Christ..
Amen and Amen

Feel free to look around at the previous post for some very "Special" photos
during one of Kent and my travels 2 weeks ago..They were taken here in Iowa~~~


  1. love Sissi's begging eyes! I bet she does get treats when she looks at you like that Dena!

    have fun creating tomorrow! sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday

    I wouldn't worry too much about losing a follower or two Dena; people sometimes need to trim down the blogs they read, etc.

    have a great weekend!!


  2. I just love your blog. You are real, warm and caring. Congrats on your soon-to-be blog anniversary. I am approaching mine at the end of July and we are all going to have a blast! As far as losing followers, I think it's a common thing. I know I have had to unsubscribe from blogs from time to time. I just can't follow them all and comment. You lose some, but gain others. Have a blessed day!

  3. Your prayer really touched me tonight. My heart is heavy as our beloved dog went missing this afternoon. Yours is such a cutie! Thanks for joining us for Spiritual Sunday. I hope you have a good week, and may Toby come home!

  4. Wanted to come meet you and thank you for the sweet comment you left today! I am blessed to be following you now and look very forward to knowing you better :) What a cute dog you have!!!

    Have a blessed Sunday ♥

  5. This is a delightful addition to our Spiritual Sundays. I'm glad you chose to join us. As for blogging friends/followers, they come and they go. It's amazing how many "friends" I've had in the 2 and a half years I've been blogging. Some stick around through thick and thin, some visit for awhile and you don't hear from them again. I've noticed that as we tell children you need to be a friend to have friends, the more I visit other blogs, the more that come to visit mine. I don't take it personally when I don't hear from someone for a long time. I figure that's just the way it is.
    Have a great week.

  6. What a beautiful prayer. I have blogged for over 3 years this past 6 months I have decided to just post on Spiritual Sunday. Only because I felt like I was not visiting everyone enough and felt bad, time just does not allow it like it use to. I had to pray hard about this decision, it wasn't easy. Every now and then I will visit a few of the friends I have made over the last 3 years and them as well. Good luck to you. I'm glad you joined in with all of us today.
    God Bless,

  7. She is so cute. Skye will bug us and we ask her to show us. We must follow her to her drawer of goodies. It's so darn cute. Hope you and Sissi got some work done!


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