Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Praising HIM~~~Come On Over and See These Photos~~~

Also, I'm joining up with Gorgeous "LYNN" at "Spiritually Unequal Marriage" For "THANKFUL THURSDAY"..
THANKS So Much Lynn and Iris for the help in doing this post!!!

Very Thankful to God, for giving us this show in the clouds during our travels
while delivering our greeting cards to Iowa stores. Kent and I are always ready with our camera for what ever God wants to show us during these road trips all over the Midwest...I do believe with HIM as the Pilot for Kent (my Hubb's) we have been through mostALL types of weather ;0) and HE has brought us safely home again once the deliveries are finished up,which can take a couple of days some times.
I pray yours eyes see the Marvelous Beauty from Gods Awesome Display in these photos that we took about 2 weeks ago...Hope for my first "Thankful Thursday" this post goes well.

Once upon a time, during one of our Dream Doodler Travels,,Kent and I were watching the Heavens...A storm was brewing, the clouds were moving across the horizon,,we kept driving but, as we watched it grew and grew more beautiful..
I started taking pictures. The skies ALWAYS amaze me and we have the photos to show that.. I think on Our Savior and all HIS wonders. In viewing this storm as it moved past in the other direction of us, going North, the colors and shapes of the clouds were just Beautiful..Of course as I took the pics I told Kent,( my Hubb's) how much I wanted to share them with my blogging Sisters...So here goes.. Naturally, Girlfriends, share with me your thoughts,,,I do sooooo love them~~~~

#1~ In The Beginning~~~

The skies at first were looking typical for summer storms~~~And as usual my eyes were on HIS skies..Thankful thta my Super Hubb's was doing all the driving ;0)




After seeing this one ,,I just had to take a few more.



God reveals Himself in many ways if only we open our Hearts and minds to HIM..


#8 After The Storm~Almost Home~~~

Thanks for allowing me to share these awesome storm photos with you...I hope to read your thoughts,,and do consider them a Blessing...

Hugs from Me to You~~~


  1. Dena, I love them all!! Sunsets/sunrises/clouds always fascinate me and I love a good storm. All wonderful!


  2. Hi Dena,
    These photos are simply amazing. Really! I think you were so lucky to have seen those amazing clouds with the sun streaking through them, just gorgeous and definitely awe-inspiring! So glad you had your camera with you!! We rarely have skies that dramatic here during the summer, no summer rains ever! It must be lovely to experience that.

    Thanks for linking up to Heart and Home, have a wonderful week!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  3. PS, Dena, you linked up perfectly your first time. Good job!!

  4. Hi Dean, so nice to meet you through Wednesday Gratitude. I'm Yoli from Apron Senorita. We do have an amazing God and creative one when it comes to the beautiful clouds. We are so blessed!

    Yoli :)

  5. These photos are stunning. I see crosses in 4-7! Great job!

  6. These are awesome photographs!!!

    I see the crosses too!

    I have a painting in my shop of a storm. I have 3 faces hidden in the clouds and an angel gathering water, shaped in the clouds.

    I have always had a fascination with clouds!

    Have a blessed day!


  7. Gorgeous I love the sky too!

    Happy Wed. Gratitude!

    love, kelee

  8. oh so cool!! in numbers 4 and 5 i see a cross, then in the last few it looks more like Jesus with his arms outstretched!!

    love, love, love these.

    love you too!! :)

  9. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Love and blessings!

  10. Girl those sky pictures are AMAZING. Just beautiful.

  11. Wow! Dena! These are just stunning! And what was so awesomely-cool was when I clicked on the one and saw the little tiny cars traveling on the road....oh how HUGE those storms clouds looked compared to those itty bitty cars. . . and to think the Bible says that the clouds are the dust of His feet. WOW! We serve an awesome mighty Uncontainable God! Thank you so much for sharing this pictures! One day He's gonna split that sky wide open...I could picture Him coming through the open clouds and oooo ooo ooo, it made me smile! Thanks! :)

  12. Welome to thankful thursday, so glad you joined us. Your photos are awesomely beautiful.

  13. Hi Dena,
    My husband and I, and our son, too, and probably all of our family loved to be amazed by God when we look at the beautiful pictures, too! These pictures are awesome! Thank you for sharing and for your comments to me!

  14. It should say we LOVE as in always, not past tense!

  15. Awesome photos! You wrote a wonderful "Thankful Thursday" post...so nice to meet you!

  16. Thank you for stopping by today and linking up! I look forward to stopping by and reading more! Have a blessed night!

  17. Oh by the way I LOVE THE PIC!! I love seeing Gods presence all around especially when we take just a moment to see him!!! May I share 2-3 of your photos??

  18. HI Dena,

    Wow, what a way to kick off your first Thankful Thursday. Absolutely stunning photos. I see the Lord in the sky and I am undone. Welcome to TT and see you again this Thursday. Hugs, Lynn


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3