Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello Sweet Friends~~~How Are You Doing This Great BLUE MONDAY?

Joining in the FUN of Smiling Sally's BLUE MONDAY!!!
Do stop on by her blog and join in the fun with us!!!
Simply Click on the BLUE Bird above~~~

And to all of you Awesome Girlfriends that sent prayers up for Kent and I last BLUE MONDAY in hopes we'd get that new account for our card displays (like 12 new stores)~~~THANKS with all my heart I mean that sincerely
We go again this morning to Des Moines as I informed others last week that after a 4 hour round trip and being told they would be in there offices until 11am,,
THEY WERE OFF ,, yes,,no one was working in the upstairs offices so it was a down kind of trip home.. Only for a short time, until we prayed more,,like the LORD tells us to about everything,, and so we leave again today to talk with Corporate about a new account...If is it Our Saviors will then we will get it,
it is totally in HIS Hands...Of course if you feel like sending up prayers again for us,,,AWESOME!!!

Pic#1~ Our water tower,,now being from California,,well, I didn't see many of these around???? Why that was, I have no clue, but here is ours in Iowa and "WOW" do they make a big deal about water towers here in the Midwest... One day Kent and I were leaving town EARLY,, for a delivery trip, and around the entire edge I'll call it, of the the water tower were these birds. I am thinking they are a type of Hawk or ??? Ravens???? that part is unknown to us but they were all sitting there SUNNING themselves... So below this pic is another to show there wings spread out to catch the warmth of the bright sun filled morning GOD blessed us with. (And the birds too:)

You can hopefully see there wings spread a bit in this photo,,,or do they appear to be bats to you??? These guys looked bigger in person honest!!! The Hubb's and I just thought it was cool and they have been there each time we leave early on our trips to fill our card displays...We always,,Praise GOD for neat moments in our travels~~~

Just one of the paths God has taken us along~~~~

I just couldn't resist a picture of our Grandsons swim trunks for this fine BLUE MONDAY~~~ Surely this will be a hit with someone out in BLOGVILLE today,
don't ya think?
The Hubb's and I feel that some kids ( like our own) have become so addicted to this Sponge that they start to talk like him too.. Soooo, we limit how much time is spent on the TV watching in general ;0) We're NOT always the most popular parents BUT,,
Kent and I aren't running for MOST POPULAR Parents at this time. ;0)
Anyhoo's,,sorry if that was a bit preachy for ya. Sponge Bob can be kinda cute too.

Above is a new design we are using for a young Boys Birthday Card,,,you're right if you're thinking he looks like Lego blocks,,,we named him "Joe Legos" and he's here today to say ~~~
HAPPY BLUE MONDAY to all of YOU, my Sweet Delightful and Encouraging Friends!!!

Sissi and I want to let you know that I thank Jesus every day for my INSPIRING
THOUGHTFUL On Line Friends !!!! This wasn't a very good photo of me, I agree, but my heart is in it :0) From me to You~~~

One of My Most Favorite Picture's Jesus~~~

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what GOD has prepared for those who Love HIM" 1 Corinthians 2:9


  1. + Hey Dena! Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I Love your photos! Personally, I cannot stand Sponge Bob Square Pants. I don't know what it is about these modern so-called cartoons, I just can't see what kids see in them. Give me a good old Mighty Mouse, Tom & Jerry or Mickey Mouse cartoon anyday! LOL! You captured the birds perfectly! I wish I had photographic talent! I can't even take decent vacation pictures with my digital camera. How "lame" is that? Well, I guess I'd better get to posting my blog. I don't know what is happening, but it's a good thing I'm actually doing my blog for the Lord, cause I haven't been getting any feed back from readers! LOL! I can't count the posts lately where I've got 1 comment or NO comments. I don't know what has changed. Anyway, The Lord knows. God Bless!


  2. I like the water tower; one of my aunts always said she would like a water tower filled with pennies :) I think those are ravens there; hawks, at least here, are more colorful and the birds you pictures are abundant here and ravens or perhaps even crows. I'm with you about Sponge Bob; limiting TV in general is a good thing. I love your lego man, he is so very cute!

    very nice picture of you and Sissi; so many markers or pencils for drawing behind you!


  3. Beautiful photos. Happy Blue Monday.

    My Blue Monday.

  4. Your photos are great, Dena. Love the Jesus photo especially. Good luck getting the accounts....Christine

  5. Morning Dena, I know that everything will be fine when it's in His hands.

    Love your blues. Those birds might be vultures?

    Happy Blue Monday.

  6. I do hope for better results the next time. It is hard to make a pitch if no one is available so don't take it personally.

    Just keep working at it. Your artwork is so is that Sissi.

    Becky K.

  7. wonderful and full of heart post Dena :) love it! thanks for sharing! And oh the birds, that really looks huge!

    u may view mine here

  8. Dena, I enjoyed this post. It's so much fun to see birds sunning their wings. Loved that shot. And believe it or not, I love Sponge Bob! I have several things that are Sponge Bob related, and they are mine, not for kids. Love your cards, too. ;-)

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  9. Sending up a prayer for your venture as we speak. May the Lord richly bless your talent. Love Joe Legos and who can help but smile at the happy-go-lucky Bob.
    Glad you enjoyed visiting me and hope you come back soon.
    Tuesday Blessings ;-)

  10. You do inspiring work and share the same kind of thoughts. All will be well with you following the path you are on. Your work is very good.

  11. Goodmorning Dena,
    I think most of California's utilities are underground - that's why you might not have seen watertowers. And I think the source is farther away than local rivers.
    Love your post - I believe prayer is the one thing that changes everything! Thanking God and accepting his will definitely keeps our spirits soaring.
    Hope you have a blessed Tuesday,

  12. hey! visiting back just to let you I tagged you on my blog :)

  13. Hi there Dena! Just wanted to stop by...Thank you so much for buying a CD. I do hope and pray it will be a blessing to you! :) Your artwork is just so adorable! My son absolutely loves legos! So immediately I thought of him when I saw Joe Legos! :) Keep up the great work! It's so nice of you to share your wonderful artwork and photographs with us! Thanks for sharing the great one of you and "little miss Sissi!" :)
    Talk to you soon. :)


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