Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've Been Thinking and Wondering~~~

FIRST I must say a BIG THANK YOU to Christies Cottage for posting about Kent's and my DREAM DOODLERS handcrafted greeting card website !!!! That was just so wonderful of you !!!

Now I am wondering~~~

What have I done to lose followers/friends I'd rather call them ???

And how is Twitter used??? Its confusing to me ;0) and it doesn't take much for that to happen ;0)

And~~~What are my Sweet Friends views on me speaking my heart about my Heavenly Father more than I have been??? I sooo love to share about all He is about.

And~~~Do I post too many pics????

I am BLESSED to know each and everyone of you~~~Thank You LORD
and Thanks Girlfiends!!! Blessings atcha and Hugs DE

"The times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the LORD". Acts 3:19


  1. Hello sweet one! First, don't take the fact that you lose followers too personally. It's most likely nothing you did. I have followed blogs before, that I do not follow now. Sometimes, I join during a blog hop, you know, I follow you, you follow me. And after time I realize the content isn't something I want to read all of the time. It's hardly anything ever personally.

    About Twitter. Do I have one? Yes. Do I know how the heck to use it, nope! Can't help you there!

    As far as sharing about your loving Heavenly Father, speak on girlfriend. You be who you are and who He's created you to be. I am always encouraged by you. You bring joy to my heart!

    I am a visually person, so I love pictures! Bring it on!

    Love you my friend!

  2. Good morning!!!

    You're welcome!

    Now, to your questions. Blog followers come and go. I see that the number goes up and down too. I stop following blogs if their contect becomes something I don't care to read. I, unlike many followers, try to post on all that I follow as they appear in my bloggerreader. That is why it is important that I like their content :-)

    The fact that you have a Christian blog is why I followed you!

    Twitter is a piece of cake! Great for promoting your items. I don't use it as a personal update! LOL Once you log in, post links to your blog or your adorable cards to get traffic. You can use hash tags too. For example I have a Christian Team on etsy (CAPS - Christian Artists Promoting Shops) we add #capsteam to our tweets so that other members can search or has tag and retweet our items.

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. I know that several people take the count off of their Google Friend Connect so they never know the count. Don't worry about it :) I am on Twitter and Facebook but don't use them often. I have always felt that Twitter is a quick way to communicate with people, especially if your doing it from a phone. No you do not post too many pictures. God is good so sharing your love of Him is wonderful.

  4. Hey there Dena! Just now getting a chance to enjoy quiet time and catch up on my new bloggin-sister-friends' updates! :) Bloggins' new to me, so I'm not sure about the number of follower-thing, but do like I told my son tonight when something was bothering him--try to let it "roll off you, like the water off a duck's back"...try not to let it "get to you." Probably "a lot easier said than done," I know---but...keep true to yourself, and your faith in God...for if we honor Him, He will honor us one day. I enjoy your pictures. In fact, I was wondering if I should do more pictures..I really like the added "visual flavor!" So, with all that said: "Keep up the GREAT WORK!" You're a blessing to my heart, and to lots of others out here in the blog-o-sphere. (is that what it's called?? LOL) ((HUGS))to you, sweet sis! :o)

  5. I often wonder the same thing. People just unfollow for the craziest reasons. But don't take it personal. I used to...it still bothers me a little, but if they don't tell you then you will never know so the wondering does you no good. I know that all to well. i seriously lose a follower a week. Crazy huh?
    I'm not going anywhere though!

  6. Hi Dena,

    Keep focused on the LORD sis. All that you (we) do is unto HIM not unto people and the people will come as their hearts are led too but to keep from worrying about "followers or comments"--allowing satan to bring you to a place of unrest in your heart about it; it's best to focus on sharing as the LORD leads you and not on the #'s. You are loved so don't worry...

    I know you've asked me about this before via Email and I shared with you that for a LONG TIME I blogged without one person leaving a comment on my first two blogs and I kept right on blogging unto the LORD and I keep HIM as my focus. Keep being the blessing that you are and share as you feel on your heart.

    I enjoyed the photo of that greeting card above and the one in your post below.


    I will be off line including Email for over 7 days and during that time will take time to pray for you and your family. Love and hugs!


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