Sunday, August 1, 2010


Join Sally @ Smiling Sallys for all the FUN !!!

How is everyone on this August 2 of 2010 ???
Feeling a bit in shock that in only 2 weeks our boys go back to school here in
Red Oak.. For that matter all the area schools start about the same time. Woooohoooo,,,
and I must continue Praising God ,simply because,, He is God,, and ALSO for
getting us all through the summer,
you know all the days off with 3 teen boys,, with Kent and I wondering if they
( and us ) would survive with what food we had in the house until the next
shopping day ;0) !!!

These tastie treats were what helped all 4 boys~~~Kent is included in that count ;0)

Then of course football camp starts and we still have our delivery trips with greeting cards to make too.
It just seems to me, and tell me if I'm wrong,,,there is always going to be a new stress right around the corner..
You get what I'm saying,,teen boys, football, school, books, bags, and CLOTHES,,,yep, boys worry about looking just right too ;0)
Then there is the next flu season to think about,,,No,,,lets not even go there.
We will just keep Praising God and getting through all of it...

And since I was yakking about our delivery trips at you again~~~
Here's a photo of a really neat windmill in one of the towns we travel to regularly in Orange City IA.

One more note Sweet Friends,,,you all may be happy to read that,,after last weeks post and my whining on about Pete ( my 30 yr. old) not calling,,well,, he called!!!
Woooohoooo again... It was a good talk and he said he had read my post to keep up with us some and it made him feel guilty for not calling.. Awwwwwww~~~
Turns out he needs more hours at work like so many do, and he was kind of down about it and didn't want me to worry concerning him... Ha funny ,,as Mommy's usually worry anyway :0) Right Girlfriends,,,even if they are all grown up...I told him we'd pray for him too.

That will be all of now,, we have the grand kids in the morning,,,our Monday thing..
I'm prayerful they will be able to swim again while the weather permits..

A view from our mini vans window ,,,Happy Blue Monday and trails to You !!!

Love you all for your wonderful notes and may your BLUE Monday be Blessed by our Awesome God...
"God said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you". Hebrews 13:5


  1. Are there any leftovers?

    I love the windmill photo.

    My Blue Monday.

  2. You always find so many interesting blues, Dena.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Yes, Back to School is right around the corner!
    Thank goodness for cheap treats! I have those in my freezer too!

    That windmill is awesome!

    Have a blessed day!


  4. Those were mine and my brother's favorite frozen treats as kids! They used to have little animals on them. Thanks for the reminder!

    Have a wonderful day and HaPpY bLuE mOnDaY!!!


  5. School in two weeks ~ where did the summer go?
    Love the windmill. Get the hand sanitizer out and be prepared. I hope it's not like last year. Have a great week.

  6. great photos...specially the treat, looks so sweet

  7. Ahh, yes ya HAFTA remind me? (since I'm going back TOO!??!) LOL College..oh me, oh my. "Laptops, and Notebooks...and ME??? OH MY!" :D HA Anyway, yes, this was a great post. I'm so glad your son called you. My two are still "under our roof" although not as much "under my feet" as they used to be...but I can imagine how it will be when they are older...I will still long to hear from I'm happy he called you. Ouch..I can empathize with the "needing more hours" too. *sigh*
    Any-hoo...I'm sending you a great big hug from me, to you. Mmmmmmmmmm. there you have it. A hug. :) Take care!!

  8. Hi Dena~We're getting ready for school here, too. Gotta get the boys out the door this week for new clothes and shoes. They despise shopping so it will certainly be a chore!
    Your sky picture is just beautiful.
    I hope you have a wonderful week!
    The Tattered Tassel

  9. Great photos... love the windmill.Grown sons have a way of thinking unless it's urgent I don't need to bother mom. I keep reminding him one can call to simply say hello :) He does better for awhile and then needs reminding again. I just trust the Lord to watch him when I don't hear.

  10. I am so sorry Dena for the late visit! my hands are kinda full right now. you have such a great series of blues this week! and i love that windmill! So neat! :) And your sky shot is so amazing!

    hope you are having a wonderful week!



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