Thursday, August 5, 2010

Greetings Sweet Blogging Sisters in Christ !!!

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity~Jig!!! From our lastest card deliveries that is.

What is a jiggity ~jig anyway???
I must say THANKS for all the notes and inspirations you gave while we were away
:0) They make me for sure. And how have all of you been???

I'd been missing you all MUCH and sat down today to look for an image to share from the web and found the one above... I had no real sisters UNTIL God directed me to start this bloggging stuff and sent all of you my way or was that me to you???..
Anyhoo's for that, among other things , I am truly THANKFUL.

Our trip went very safely, we traveled to 10 different stores . Sales were good considering, but what was so special was, having some of our customers purchase a card or 2 while we were right there filling the display...And this was the very first time we actually saw a Male buying one...It sure is a real blessing from
God, not only our business and that Kent and I are working together and hopefully, the big part of our greeting cards is the back of each one, we have the words God is Love and John 3:16...
Even with that its just not enough in my mind to say about Our Sweet LORD Jesus.
I always feel like there is more we could do ... Each time Kent and I have the chance, we speak of HIM to a customer,,we let them know what a difference HE has made in our business and in our everyday journey. We share about why I am able to draw to create greeting card designs. We are forever greatful no matter what kind of day we have had,,and we've had some dooooosies too ;0)

Jesus stands at the door knocking waiting for each one of us to let HIM in,,,into our lives,,,into our everyday walk.. This is not only for un~ believers but for those of us who do not bring ourselves to HIM as often as we should..
Like me for instance,,,I spend a lot of my time worrying,,,about,,well,,,just about anything sometimes,, it is my biggest battle.
The enemy really doesn't want us giving any time to God,,so if he can intrrupt our walk with Jesus,,the enemy WILL any chance he gets..
We have had many things happen in our lives, before Kent and I meant and even now after re~dedicating to HIM...But let me ask you this, if it were always easy,,,hahahaha,,like that would ever happen for any of us,,,would any of us go to Jesus,,,take whatever it is in our way to HIM???? I too must do this in my life, which is why I have brought it up in my post...

"Let us spur one another towards love and good deeds". Hebrews 10:24

I'm Just sharing Girlfriends,,,sharing Jesus...If there is ever anything you'd like to be prayed about please let me know.
Kent and I pray each morning and night and I even pray inbetween..
I'd be honored to pray for you too,,It is a JOY that comes from the Holy Spirit and we are to share in that with each other...Prayer is,,, I BELIEVE,,, a true gift from God to each one of us.. HE is The Savior~~ Our Heart Healer~~Hand Holder~~~
Tear Dryer,,,,Our All in All....
So Sweet Girlfriends~~~Just let me know and in the meantime,,,
You're in my thoughts~~~I cherish all of you dearly~~~If I'm ever into giving out awards you'd all get one!!!...It would be for "Being Encouragingly Inspiring"... You're the BEST Thanks and BIG HUGS~~~Dena


  1. Ahh! I was just thinking of you and wondering where you "be" !! :) So glad you "be" home again, sis!

  2. I absolutely love you! You have such an encouraging spirit and really care others. Please pray for my family. We are having to short sale our home and will be looking for a place to rent very soon! Thank you!

  3. What a wonderful witness your blog is! Keep it UP /\ <><

  4. Welcome back! That is awesome that you get to share Jesus and try to share Him every where you go. He is truly the only way and the only one that can satisfy this world's longing for happiness!
    Share away my friend!

    I'm having a giveaway at my blog today if you want to stop by.

  5. I hope you don't mind. I'm borrowing your image of the St. Francis quote for my post today. Feel free to stop by, I'll be linking everyone back here to visit you :)
    Be Blessed!


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3