Sunday, February 27, 2011

Greetings Sweet Sisters~~~~

Click on over to visit Sally at Smiling Sally for another~~~ Super BLUE Monday and join in the FUN~~
Once you do, let me tell you, you'll always be on the look out for all things~~~ BLUE!!!

Lets see Ladies, what could I do for BLUE this week????   Ah Ha~~~~~Brilliant Idea Dena..Even if I do say so to myself. No one else will say your brilliant, so I may as well be the one...Duh duh duh duh... Or
Should that be spelled, Da Da Da Da????  Anyhoo's, and away we go~~~

Woooohoooo, was this a first or what Sally???? Ahhhh, silly me...The tower to my PC... Sweet Huh???
Its does it all just so I can feel connected to YOU, all my Sweet Sisters in Blogging... Thank You LORD...

Now get this~~~
Isn't this SPECIAL???   Well, it is to me... My Mondays have been soooooo MUCH more exciting for a year now since meeting up with, Sally ( of course) and every  Beautiful BLUE blogging Sister   for this Brilliant BLUE Monday event...
Every mile Super~Hubb's and I travel, every article of BLUE we see, we capture on our lil digital camera
specifically for BLUE MONDAY and all of you...
Wow, even our traveling days have been spent feeling more awake with our trusty camera along for the miles.  Naturally a good book or 2 can always be of benefit. So I can read to him also.. Here are a couple of books so far. Others were read but did not have the right color on the cover..

This is one of Super~Hubb's favorite series..Emily Brightwell's Whodunits.

And I soooo LOVE Teri Blackstock...I have read many of hers.
She is one of my favorite authors.. I am truly thankful for the Awesome Christian Authors there are out now...

Billy, our 12 year old, just had to try his bike adventure out in front of our house in the snow this weekend.. He'd been so frustrated because it had been so nice and warm and springlike, until,,yep, the last storms hit and there was snow everywhere.. At first Dad told him, " NO WAY are you going out on your bike in the snow and cold",  then Dad caved and let him try it for a bit..

Naturally, Billy, being Billy, ( a story all in itself ;0) he LOVES it out in the snow making trails.. That is, until, he brings way too much of the white stuff back into the house with him..So his trail making came to a stop after a short time.

I took these both out our front window, hence the blur and glare.

He was excited Mom here took pics of him. He'll be even happier that I showed it to you today..
The snow has a BLUE cast of light on it, at least, I see it :0)
Prayerfully, it will be melting away in this new week.

And, I'll end this BLUE post with showing you a photo of my kitchen window all frosted over.
Click on it for a close-up.
God is soooo very intriguing.
This is true BRILLIANCE brought to you by~~~God , The One, The Only,The Magnificent!!!

Oh my gracious, I'm soooo ready for some beautiful butterflies, aren't You???

PS~~~The Hugs come with Lots of LOVE too
Sweet Sisters.
I'll be lifting you each up in prayers in this coming week...Dena


  1. Great pictures. Happy Blue Monday!

  2. great fun with many blues here, the books looks interesting...and what great adventure for your lad...must be terribly missing summer:) have a fun week...

  3. guess, summer is yet frozen...your kid's a little bored of the snow, is he?

    great blues here...

  4. This is SO clever, Dena!!! Happy Blue Monday! I can't believe your son rode his bike in that snow--wow!

  5. Oh my goodness! I love Emily Brightwell! I am glad to find someone else who likes her too!!
    I love this series Mrs. J and the gang are so much fun to read.

  6. The computer tower was funny! Have a great day.
    Your Newest Follower
    Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

  7. It sure is a first, Dena. I love brilliant people!

    AND . . . I love those blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  8. I love that my Mom and Mother-in-law brought blue items back from Peru because they knew I am always seeking interesting blue things for Monday posts. Sally has impacted our lives in such a wonderful way! Way to honor her here.

    As to authors...I, too, greatly enjoy Terri Blackstock's work!!!

  9. Well I would say "Dena you're Brilliant". Love what you picked for your blues this week and Billy is sure going to enjoy that bike when the weather is better. Happy Blue Monday.

  10. Your entry is clever, I love those photos!
    Blue Monday

  11. What a sweet blog banner. The victorian mysterys looks very cute. Have a great week!


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