Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Day of PINK Sisters!!!

Do stop by Beverly's , have some fun and make some friends and visit some old one's too @
How Sweet The Sound for this weeks Beautiful PINK Saturday!!!

Here's my PINK for this busy week~~~

"Just outside our front door last week"

"This one is taken that same evening just outside our back deck"
God's decorating was stunning as usual..

My hand qualifies as a PINK right???
This was at one of our hotel rooms on a card delivery trip
a couple weeks back.
I was thinking of all of You Sweet Sisters..
Heres a photo to show just that..

Sissi just had to get into my post today..She just had her nail trimmed and her yearly immunization's done..
She may not know it yet, but when her Daddys gets up from his much needed nap, she'll be getting her hair trimmed and washed too. Correction, she'll be getting a style and shampoo ;0)
Because right now she looks more like~~~

Hairier, if thats even a word ~You can't even see her pretty collar.     But, YES, she is still beautiful either way..
Wishing and praying you all enjoy a Blessed  in Christs LOVE weekend ..
You  are all Blessings and bring JOY to my heart Sweet Sisters~~  Praising God for You being a part of my life in blogging!!!
Big IOWA Hugs~~~Dena


  1. Hi Dena, these are great pictures, I especially love the sunset...God designs are spectacular are they not!! Would you mind if I saved a copy of the sunset??? I would love to use it in a journal page.

  2. God's work is the greatest of all! Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for sharing your "Pink" with us! What a blessing.

  3. Sissi is so sweet. I sure have been thinking of you guys with the gas prices going up. You are always in my prayers.

  4. What a wonderful way to start and end a day with pink skies like this. Your little Sissie is the winner on this post.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Dena Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I love seeing your view out of the door. So gorgeous, I love the pinks when they appear in the skies. So exquisite.

    Now that Sissi is a cutie with a capital "C". Love her little face. So priceless.

    Thank you for the beautiful share sweet friend. Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. Hey Dena! Beautiful pictures! I must admit my favorite is Sissi! I'm a dog lover (shhhh! Don't tell her I called her a d - o - g !) She looks like the type that thinks she's human. LOL! Precious!

    God Bless Precious Lady!


  7. Sorry it has taken me so long, I haven't been reading too much lately. Hubby's been on the war path about me "spending too much time on line, so I've been trying to appease him. We have satellite and if I spend too much time on it at night, (which is really when I like being on here because it's so peaceful and quiet with no interruptions) anyway, if I spend a long time on here at night, then he can't get on in the morning. It has something to do with useage or something like that. Anyway, he's not been a happy camper lately, so I thought I would TRY and make him happy. LOL! It usually takes me about 3 hours to do my blog by the time I research, find pictures and do my commentary so that doesn't leave much time for reading. I will however, try to do better, I promise. LOL!

    God Bless!

  8. Wow, that cross in the sky is truly amazing-what a brilliant shot!

    Best wishes and happy Pink Saturday,

  9. The pictures are lovely. Thank you for the nice comment you posted to my blog.Our God is awesome!
    I love your cards also!
    Blessings, and happy Saturday!

  10. I'm always in awe at the beauty He created. He is the master designer .. thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.
    You little Sissi is adorable.

  11. Boy you didn't have to go far to see such beauty! Your little Sissi is precious! She looks quite stunning in her pink collar. Hope she enjoyed her style and shampoo. My little Sophie had hers this week also. Happy Pink Saturday!



  13. What a sweet post this week. Your skys are beautiful and Sissi is a doll.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  14. Hi Dena, wow, you are a busy lady. I enjoyed visiting your other blogs and seeing your beautiful artwork. Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello and for all the wonderful blessings. You filled up my spirit, and I thank you so much. May the Lord bless you this week to, as you spread your enthusiasm and love and the Holy Spirit where ever you go. Cuz I can tell that with all the things you do so well, you do that best. God bless you, my friend.


  15. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! Friends of any kind (online or in real life) are always welcome! Your dog is so cute!


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